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I finally got my new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Razeor, May 20, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I finally got my new (secondhand) bike today :grin: :grin: .

    Its an 05 Hyosung GT650R Yellow and I love it. Its got a few little mods like a new pipe that makes it sound awesome.

    I did have a little squirt today and it brought back all those memories of 10 years ago. Now I know exactly why I have been missing riding so much over the last 10 years :wink: .

    Now I have to wait 3 weeks before I can get my licence :(
  2. Will be the longest 3 weeks in your life.
  3. Congrats dude ,see you out on a ride soon.

  4. So does the Hyosung GT650R come under LAMS??

    just curious... as LAMS isn't an option for us Vic's I don't know the full listing of bikes available to you lucky interstaters :?

    Wish we had LAMS here!! :(
  5. good stuff man
    i wish we had LAMS here in vic as well as that would be a great bike to get as a first bike :grin:
    happy waiting
  6. What are the Hyosung's like?
    They look good. As a cheaper alternative to other models I am interested to see if they are as good or if they last.
  7. Thanks all,

    The LAMs model of GT650R is restricted from 79hp to around 35hp. When you get onto your full licence you can de-restrict it. The restriction is done with a set of carbi slides.

    I did quite a bit of research about these bikes before I decided to get one. Most of the reports I have seen say they handle really well. They have a bit of an issue with the brakes as they don't slow you up to well, but this can be largely fixed with braided lines and some after market brake pads. There was also some reliability problems in the models previous to 05. This seems to have been sorted out fairly well. Of course you can still get a lemon but the general concensus from those that own one is that the GT650 and GT250 Series are really really nice. :grin:
  8. Congrats on buying a bike that you can keep. I'm a bit puzzled as to why an '05 model should be in the second-hand market so soon, but different things suit different people. Enjoy the ride and come and meet us at Homebush Bay when you have your Ls
  9. Congrats - like others i like the idea of only having to by one bike - hopefully lams will eventually hit Vic.
  10. So if you get pulled over by Mr Plod, how easy is it for them to tell if you actually have the carbi slides?? If it's not possible for them to tell by just looking at it then a lot of people would ignore the restrictions?!?
  11. There is only 2 ways to find out if you are running restricted. If you pull the slides out of the carbi or to stick the bike on a dyno.

    But there is a specific model that is learner restricted. You can't get the other model restricted and then registered as a LAM bike. When you get it de-restricted the bike shop fills out a form and sends it off to the rta to let them know. If you want to by the slides and do it yourself I think you are required to provide licence and maybe rego details before you can get them.

    Still this doesn't seem like the smartest way to do things to me.
  12. Congrats :)

    I bet you keep going and looking at it :)

    Have you read the owners manual while sitting on it yet?