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I finally did it! My new baby

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Tigress, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. No information to be inserted.

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  2. Nice. I really like the CB250Rs in black. It suits them so much more than the shitty sliver/maroon paint job. A guy at my uni has a black one with a two brothers can on it and it looks great in person.
  3. I looked around for so many bikes and I could have got one cheaper but I thought I'd splurge and get me a new one :)

    I wanted red but I love black, I've had 2 black cars and my heart was set on a black bike.
  4. #4 tiggers, Mar 17, 2012
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    Nice one, you're going to love it.
  5. Well done, nice ride.

    ps: leather pants FTW ;)
  6. Nice,wish they were available when i was doing my L's. Congrats and enjoy it.
  7. Congrats! (y)

    Love the colour as I'm a big fan of black as well. You picked up a good helmet also.

    Now the waiting starts.....
  8. Just need to add my signature feature decal on it...Tiger face/eyes hehehe
  9. Suggest you look at some crash knobs or sliders, this is not reflection on your skill levels or anything, but it will save you from some disappointment if you drop your new baby & scratch it up..
  10. Yeah gotta do that! I'll be keeping this bike for a long time(others seem to think I'll get sick of it within a year)

    Also bike insurance?

    insure myride, any other suggestions?
  11. Congrats again! Give Swann insurance a try.
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  12. Congrats and welcome to this moto caper.... (y)
    Whether you get sick of this bike will depend on how and how much you ride..
    My tip, get down to Sat practice when you feel you're ready and up to it and ride lots and lots and lots and lots...............
    I'm sure you'll have no shortage of riders willing to help when they can..

  13. You'll be sick of it within a few months :)


    Get Oggy's like suggested.
  14. You'll outgrow it, but you'll have heaps of fun doing it! Congrats Tigress.
  15. ring around by all means, check them all but I've found QBE is usually the best price.........and GIO for CTP if needed

    Congrats on the beastie... looks sweet ;)
  16. Looks good, not a big fan of exhaust though but that might just be me.

    You might be able to get insurance through a certain insurer if you go through the dealer and they organise something on their (dealer) end, if you get a couple of quotes and just ring up the dealer saying you brought the bike XX days ago they might be able to organise something.
  17. After years with QBE I've gone to Shannons. It seemed like a better deal to get an agreed value, more thrown in, and I paid a bit less. Over time I'll move my classic VW Beetle and my wife's Mazda to Shannons. After a long time when they didn't want to know about 'daily drivers' it seems all has changed.
  18. Last time I checked with Shannon's they would not insure riders with less than around 5 years riding experience..
  19. Try RACV, no one else came within $150.00 on each of my 2 bikes
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  20. congratulations.
    you have chosen very well.
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