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I finally buy a bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by LeMMin9, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Evening all,
    Just wanted to give myself a shout out cos I finally bought myself a bike (well i've put a deposit on one) and I'm picking it up on friday!!!! HOORAY :grin:

    Private sale I found myself a 1994 ZZR250, charcoal in color, 45,000 on the clock, looks damn hot, runs sweet, very well looked after by the guy I'm buying it off, feels great and got it for a good price, within my budget!

    I went out last Friday and bought myself all my gear, helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and a pair of draggin's, I'll get a pair of wet weather pants and gloves when it gets a little more frosty outside.

    So from Thursday night I will be a true NetRider and actually be out on a real motorbike inside of sitting on my housemates pushy and making Vroom Vroom noises (I didn't really do this.....no really I didn't....ok maybe a little)

    I'll be making a trip to one or two of the coffee nights soon, but not straight away, I just wanna get out and practice practice practice around home for a while (Geelong) and then I'll come along and meet all you great folk in person!!!!

    Well thats about it, just thought I'd gloat a little (please fogive me :LOL: )

    And now it's off to bed....
  2. Pfft, like you're going to be able to sleep between now and getting the bike :LOL:.
  3. Very good LeMMin9

    Good feeling when U get ya very 1st ride eh :cool:

    Once U got it, all U think of is the next opportunity U will have to
    take it out again :wink:
  4. Gratz Lemm nice choice on the bike

  5. Well done, I hope she's good to you :) Make sure you let us know when you're heading down to coffee as well hey? :grin:
  6. Thats great mate, good luck and all the best :grin:
  7. good choice of learner bike mate...... welcome to team Kwaka
  8. Another one gets the bug... :LOL:

    Congratulations, you'll have a ball!
  9. Congratulations!! :grin:
  10. :applause: Congratulations :applause:
  11. Congratulations - nothing like the feeling of that first ride on YOUR bike.

    When you're ready for a coffee night I'll come down and give you an escort in if you want.
  12. Guess who dreamt about bikes last night!!!! OMG is it thursday yet?'s not, damn, I want it to be thursday :LOL:

    I test rode 3 bikes in the last 3 days and as soon as I got on the first one I was buzzing, very nervous seeing as I haven't riden since getting my L's back at the start of January, but that was soon gone and riding was such a thrill!!

    Can't wait to actually have the new baby living with me so I can just get out and cruise/practice whenever I feel like it, and I can guarentee that will be a lot!!!! :wink: :grin:
  13. Forgivness is not required. Getting your first bike is grounds for a little gloating.

    Grats Mate
  14. Alright, enough of the gushing, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??? :LOL:

    Congrats and welcome to the fellowship of the road.
  15. Well done and congratulations I hope you will both be happy together in holy matrimony. :grin:
  16. Well done, nothing like getting your first bike, feels like yesterday it was me.

    OK it was only a few weeks ago but boy am I still a happy camper? You bet! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Enjoy the ride