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I felt the earth move, was it good for you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Envy-t, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. 4.29pm today my monitor fell forward while I was online!

    Bugger me thats 2 shakes in 2 weeks. I hope it aint a sign of things to come!

    I am in the Eastern Burbs. Damn it was different to the first one.

  2. yep felt it in south melbourne
  3. yep we felt it in dandy, was hoping it was going to make our shitty old office fall down but alas nope still in same shitty old office :(
  4. Yup - felt it in prahran
  5. fires?


    what next?
  6. My place in Pascoe Vale is on stilts, it was shaking quite a bit. I hope there's more, so our great great great great great great great grandchildren can enjoy more mountains and twisty roads.
  7. Yeah bummer being end of day, might have got some time off :grin:
  8. Four dudes just rode by on horses. Could this be related?
  9. Didn't feel a thing, but did anyone else in high rises in the city see all the VERY close flying army choppers?
  10. been watching the choppers all arvo
    laptop shook a little on the 20th floor in the CBD

    went downstairs to make sure bike didnt fall over :)

    Has to be!

    On a sidenote, what are the blackhawks doing in town?

  12. Shadows from the sky will cross over Melbourne streets next week as Army Black Hawk helicopters take to the sky for routine helicopter training exercises.

    From Monday to March 24, Black Hawk helicopters will fly over the city and suburban areas during the day and night

    Australian Army's 6th Aviation Regiment will conduct the helicopter training operations to ensure pilots are well trained for flying in all conditions.

    The Department of Defence said Melbourne residents may notice some increased noise from the flights with flying to cease by 11.00 pm each day.

    The training will be conducted around Melbourne and specific training activities will take place at Fort Gellibrand, Williamstown and Watsonia, Olympic Park, Fishermans Bend, Melbourne Airport, the Docklands stadium, HMAS Cerberus and the Melbourne.

    The Black Hawk is the Australian Defence Force's primary tactical assault helicopter.
  13. Was on the bike at 4.30 riding home, so didn't feel a thing.
  14. Locust plague ?
    Yarra color turning blood red !
    Every first born male passing away ???

    What do you reckon Paul ??
    Time to read the Book of Revelations ???
  15. I was sitting in a lecture theatre at Deakin, Burwood. Felt like I was sitting on a washing machine surrounded by some very confused people.
  16. The Apocalypse.
  17. That'll teach me to eat beans for lunch ........ sorry guys. :p
  18. +1. No idea what everyone is going on about. :LOL:
  19. I was in the car on corner of Sth Gippy and Princes Hwy Dandenong at 4.30, sitting stationary at the lights.

    It was the exact same rocking and bouncing that you get when stationary on the Westgate when a truck goes past.

  20. My fourth earthquake now :cool:

    This one didn't feel as big as the earlier Melb one. (And obviously wasn't a patch on the 89 Newcastle earthquake! :LOL: )

    The first Newy one - the biggy - was sharp and jarring, high frequency and explosion-y and went for a while - it was hard to walk, it felt like the ground was there one second, further away the next etc. The second Newy one was very gentle and rolling, like the earth is floating on a li-lo in wavy sea. Similar to what I felt in the first Melb one.