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I fell over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ac, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Considering I've been living in Melbourne for over 50 years you wouldn't think I'd need reminding about wet tram tracks.

    Reminded I was last night. One wrong angle saw the Blackbird and myself part company and slide gracefully to a stop in the gutter. Fortunately friction rather than solid objects ended the slide.

    Overnight in casualty confirmed broken rib and collarbone. Thanks to a following driver and a local resident for their help.

    Not sure about the bike yet. Could have been much worse all round.

    They're slippery, aren't they!

  2. sorry to hear about you slide
    hope the bikes ok...
  3. sorry bout your off! :( hope u heal soon
  4. Sorry to hear about you off ac. I had a little 'incident' with a tram track a few weeks back... $7500.00 worth of repairs to be done to the GSXR. :shock: Glad to see your ok tho. Bikes can be repaired. :)
  5. Yes, they are very slippery!

    Had a similar problem myself a couple of years ago, low speed, so the bike and me were ok, but almost slid into an oncoming tram

    glad you are ok
  6. You should be able to sue the Vic govt for not providing no slip tram lines........

    Glad you weren't too messed up.
  7. ouch! sorry to hear about your off.

    I'm always paranoid about crossing tram tracks, whether dry or wet!
  8. bugger.

    trams are an all 'round pain in the butt ... or neck in this case :?
  9. what is this "trams" you all speak of?

    :p :p :p :p
  10. Sorry to hear about your off.

    This happened to me in my first couple of months of riding fortunately the cars behind me stopped in time and I didn't sustain too much damage!

    Ever since then I have been really wary about them. Even when it isn't wet. :?

    Hope the bones heal up real quick! And I hope the blackbird is okay.

    Now everyone else listen up. Tram tracks are slippery when wet be very careful!!

    :grin: :grin:
  11. Tram tracks should be made of something grippier... Maybe al dente spaghetti?
  12. There is a set of train tracks here in Brisbane, that intersect the road at somewhere around 45 degrees. I improve the angle each time I cross them and they are manageable (still a bit of a kick from the bars as the tyre falls in and climbs out), but I reckon a fairly inexperienced rider on a wet road would crash 99 times out of 100 crossing them.

    Gay, gay, gay.
  13. OUch :( Sorry to hear Allan, but glad it wasn't any worse. Like YammyChick said, bikes can be repaired. Just focus on getting yourself all better again. :)
  14. Oh bugger, sorry to hear that Allan. I hope you and the bird are up and at em again soon mate. :)
  15. Hi all,

    Sorry to hear about your fall.

    Whats best way to handle these friggin tram tracks anyway. Im always very concious of going anywahere near them and generally ride between them when in the traffic. Hate crossing the buggers, so friggin cautious.

    Curious as to how people generally ride around/cope with them?

  16. Smoothly and confidently. It's best to cross at right angles if you can. If you're adjusting lane position however you can't do that, so just keep your speed steady, keep your arms (loose grip on the bars) and upper body relaxed and cross over in a swift, gentle and smooth manner. It's a bit like learning to cross the wake when water skiing. If you get nervous, you'll tense up and slide but if you relax, commit to the action and don't change your line as you cross, you should be fine. :)

    3 rules:
    1. Don't try to accelerate.
    2. Don't try to brake.
    3. Don't change your line. :)
  17. Thanks everyone.

    As for how to do it - what Seany said. And make sure every line gets the same attention.

    I thought my technique was pretty good and I get plenty of practice every time I leave the house.

    Lessons for me - a long day, nearly home, rain starting again, hungry.

    Thought I'd reinforce to my girls (recently licenced to drive) how quickly things can happen on the road. They just said that I should be more careful!

  18. Another problem is that you often get subsidence alongside the track - and it's the tram companies reponsibility to fix it - not VicRoads or the Council. I've put in some complaints about the Brunswick end of Lygon Street where the subsidence has made the tracks really bad. I've got photos of about 12 bad spots in three kilometres.

    I've pushed it through the City of Moreland and the Northern Roadsafe people (good motorcycle represntation there with Perry Stephens) and I'm bringing it up at VMAC tonight - there's enough problems wiht tramlines without this sort of crap maintenance. :evil:

    It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for something to be done.



  19. Great work TonyE! yes that is a problem, esp for us 250 riders with narrow tyres. I hate to think about scooters and pushbikes coming accross this.

    Good luck with getting some action on this.
  20. It's not just 250's. That top hole could swallow both John Karmouche and his Harley.

    Hell, it could probably swallow Vic's Saab as well... :roll:

    I've had a good response so far - at least there's an admission that there's a problem.