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I fell off and hurt myself...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Karaman, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. As most people do when they come off they post it up on the forums, so I thought I'd follow the tradition :p

    First time on Mundaring Weir (spelling?) yesturday, went with a couple of mates from karate and another 2 guys, so all together there was only 5 of us.

    First real twisty corner...car was taking it slow so we decided to overtake it. Now I've been getting pretty c0cky about my riding skills (which isnt really that good) and leaned in a bit too far while overtaking the lancer....on a bend (not a good idea in the first place). Peg dug into the road, dont know where the bike ended up but i remember i was looking at my mates rear tire, then facing the road, then waking up in a ditch on the side with a headache :(

    I ended up getting stitchings above my hip, and about 2 sets of stitches on my knee...I think ill invest in some proper riding pants next time, denim just doesnt quite cut it :p Thankfully my leather jacket saved my shoulder, if i didnt have that then i wouldnt have a shoulder. Plus a few grasings on my thigh and back.

    Bike is buggered, broken handle bars, pegs and fairings...everything pretty much happened on the left side.

    Anyway, thats my story.
  2. Sorry to hear about your off. It's easy to get on a roll and convince yourself that you are a better rider than you really are.

    At least your going to heal up ok :wink:

    Is your bike repairable?
  3. Ouch that sounds nasty, how fast were you going when you came off?

    You must have been leaning it over a hell of a way to get the pegs to scrape? I was leaning a CB250 right over and only managed too and I would think the GT250R would be set higher up? Sounds like Jen who just had a big crash and lent it over, scraped the peg or stand and down she went.
  4. Does sound disturbingly similar to Jen's story.

    Hyosung sucks! :(

    Leaning on a corner, something hit the ground, up goes the back wheel and awayyyy you go?

    That's what her thread said, so if yours was the same then I think a nasty little trend might be arising.
  5. Bike should be repairable, fuel tank is dented as well.

    I dont really know how fast i was going, wasnt checking when i fell off lol, but im guessing maybe about 40-50 k/ph.

    The height of the pegs arnt actually that high...maybe if i was on a superbike this wouldnt of happened? :roll: :wink: :LOL:
  6. Oh that sux

    You need to get your body over and lean which reduces the lean angle needed for a given corner.

    Might be hard to get used to (but easy for some) so start of slow and work your way up. Heal and fix up then give it a try
  7. Sorry to hear about the off, I hope you learned something from it. it seems you now know it was a stupid thing to do.
  8. Overtaking and corners are bad, m'kay?

    Glad to hear you're ok.
  9. Sounds nasty.

    Just be happy your in one piece. You only get one body in life.

    Bikes are repairable...

    Get that bike fixed up, get some more protective pants and learn from your mistake mate.
  10. Don't overtake on a single lane corner, you'll risk what you have done already. I'm assuming you were already on your way down and the pegs scraping was just a result of this, I don't think the pegs scraping was the cause of you falling off.
  11. Yeah, pegs digging into the road prob just made it worse. I was leaning my body into the corner with my knee out and had too much weight over, so the bike collapsed. I definently will be investing in some knee protectors next time :p I'm lucky my feet came out in one piece....was just wearing sneakers. No funding for full protection sucks :(
  12. Oh please. Now it's the bikes fault. :roll: I hope your not serious. Maybe I'll do a search and see how many people on CBR250's have come off, then well blame it all on the bike and say theres a "nasty trend arising". Get real.
  13. ^^^OUch! i tend to agree.

    um, he rides a '2006 Hyosung GT250R'.

    hopefully a lesson learnt.
  14. In my view, if you have funding for a bike to ride, you have funding for gear. If you can' have both, buy the gear first. Even used in good condition (helmet excluded) can be had reasonably cheap.
  15. So you were going too slow for the amount of weight you put over?
  16. That doesn't make sense seeing he was going 40-50km/h
  17. Not really, sharp shakane corner + overtaking + realising your mate is pretty much infront of you + more leaning to avoid riding off the road = ouch.

    Well i actually did have the money to buy more gear, but i wanted to pay off debts first.
  18. What are you on? The OP rides a Hyo, Screwball rides a CBR and I was replying to his "Hyosung sucks" comment.

    Have you even been on a Hyo? If not then don't make retarded judgments. The OP said it was his fault and it had nothing to do with the bike. FFS.
  19. How did your feet and ankles fair with just normal shoes on?
  20. yeah its not the bike, its the rider, other vehicle / object, or the road!