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I feel unclean...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I had to go up to Ballarat for work yesterday.

    When I went to pick up the car I had to take a Camry,

    not just a Camry but a beige Camry,

    not just a beige Camry but a beige hybrid Camry.

    The experience has left me feeling slightly unclean.
    I went for a ride afterwards but I stil have a slightly grubby feel...

    What else can I do to remove this feeling?
  2. ....just go and buy yourself a nice beige cardi.....

  3. ...the answer I was going to give was NSFW. lol

    Here are some SFW suggestions: Get a tatt? Burn some meat? Crack a beer? Re-engage manhood with the good lady?
  4. You have to perform the ancient de-beigeing ceremony this involves the sacrifice of a kitten I am afraid, whilst wearing full ATGATT :)
  5. I've always thought Beige Magnas were even worse, but this is bad enough.

    A box of Jiffy Firelighters would be a sure fire cure.
  6. I think part of this ceremony involve sniffing cocaine of the back of a hooker. If it doesn't, it should.
  7. Thank you - just reading the suggestions has led to a significant improvement already... :)
  8. My son, for your penance you must do three wheelies, all over the speed limit, through red lights, followed by three stoppies and three burnouts. Naked.

    And burn the Camry.

    (Like the kitten thing, cjvfr.)
  9. get a rego plate hider, install it on your bike. go out for a ride wearing no safety gear apart from a helmet. find a cop in a cop car. flick the switch to hide your rego. rev the bike to peak hp, clutch the front wheel up, and take off with the front wheel still up, all in front of the cop. put it back down, accelerate to 200km/h, and duck down a side street when you're out of sight. that ought do it.
  10. Back? :-s

    Listen to some... Emilie Autumn 'll do, while using Parkour to get to the beach so you can play with your jet ski.
  11. Go eat a native animal. A Kangaroo Hamburger would be a good start.
  12. I'm afraid it may be too late for you....

    when does the scooter arrive?
  13. We must sacrifice either you or the Camry to the road Gods.....we'll let you choose, we're nice like that.

  14. I'd first of all be contacting the union and finding out if you have some basis upon which to claim victimisation, at least

    I'd then be telling the boss than in order for him to atone for his sins, for your next work trip you should be provided with nothing less than a F40 Ferrari

    and I agree with the stuff about kittens

    you know you want to

    (while listening to Arlo Guthrie singing the Motorcycle Song).....

    PS, can I have the alloy wheels off that burning Magna, please??? :LOL:
  15. I've burnt a camry
  16. You do it your way. I'll do it mine.
  17. OK "confessions of a hire car" time.

    A few months ago I had to do a site visit in Boofy, west of Toowwoomba. There was an outage going on and so this was real blokes world.

    Now my company has an agreement with one hire company and it's usually pretty good. I usually get an xr6 or similar and occasionally get an upgrade. Problem was, with all the stuff going on in SE QLD, this company didn't have anything left.

    This left me with another company. What I go was this:

    micra - small.

    It was actually more pink than it looks in that photo.

    Not only was it a Pink Nissan Micra, it was an automatic. That wasn't even the worst of it. It actually smelt like musk sticks inside.

    And gutless. I was actually astonished they still made cars like this. I really didn't think it was get up the escarpment at Toowoomba.
  18. I think I ended up with the better deal :)
  19. #19 minglis, Aug 4, 2011
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  20. I just bought a silvery hybrid camry.... is that grounds for excommunication? :p