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I feel so dirty.........

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by removed-6, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I went to look at the new Honda CBR1000 today and...................

    .........I liked it :eek:hno: :facepalm:

    A lot!!!
    The black yellow looked damn fine, the front which looks ugly in pics is actually not that ugly at all, and the tail section is just sexy slim. I love it! Next time I'm in town I'm gonna go for a ride on it, will be nice to compare to the '08 ZX10. :cool:
  2. Expect the Suzi to sulk..... :( :LOL:.
  3. Please do post up your opinions of both. Like I have said elsewhere, I have ridden both and in my mind the ZX10R is superior in just about every aspect. But the spin doctors seem to be hard at work to convince people otherwise.

    It will be interesting to revisit this topic in say 2 years' time ...
  4. im yet to ride the cbr, but ive taken the 08 zx10r and the 07 Z1000 out and found them both to be fantastic bikes.

    good luck with your test riding and future choice.
  5. u're kidding right..

    the slipper clutch on the new 'Blade lifts it into a whole different category..

    plus.. 158km/h in 1st is pretty hard to beat.. weeeeeeeeeee :grin: :LOL:
  6. I buy on looks and comfort alone, the rest is BS as I know I will never use one of these bikes to it's potential (or even close for that matter!) so these two criteria are all that matter to me really.
  7. You liked the bumble bee?

    Mmmm, there really is no accounting for taste!!!

    I saw one last week, it certainly looks tiny. The black will be the pick of the colours though.
  8. well, if you're buying on comfort you are in for a treat.. the new Blade is the most comfortable Blade yet with the bars higher and the pegs lower and more forward.. everyone that has ridden it has commented on how much more comfy it is.. but hey.. I'm not here to pimp it.. we've sold 3 in 2 days..
  9. I hear whispers of the 09 R1 being a big-bang engine..... hope so!
  10. Who's 'we'?

    Where do you work 'brother?
  11. a Honda dealer on the Peninsula :wink:
  12. u're kidding right..

    the slipper clutch on the new 'Blade lifts it into a whole different category..

    plus.. 158km/h in 1st is pretty hard to beat.. weeeeeeeeeee :grin: :LOL:


    What's so good about the clutch?

    Ha! my old GSXR will do 170 in first, it's just a question of over gearing I think.
  13. Although I have limited experience in riding and can only dream of owning a supersports bike some day, I have plenty experience in sales and marketing. :)

    For me, if I were shopping for a litre bike, I would want something that actually looked like a litre bike.

    The fact that the new Fireblade is virtually the same size as a 600cc doesn't appeal to me (6'2', 90kg, size, comfort & fit is no.1).......I may as well buy a 600cc and save money (outright performance is not important, all 1000cc are fast right?)

    What's next?.....the 600cc will be as small as 250cc's??? What are we actually paying for when there is little raw material and tangible substance parked in the driveway? Just performance? :? "Less is more", "quality not quantity", "big things come in small packages".......who made up this stuff?? Think about it.....but we're conditioned to believe it.

    I've heard this line a thousand times" its looks better in the metal" Who started that?? WHAT ARE WE SAYING PEOPLE!!!!!!!! We second guess ourselves and believe the hype!!!

    All I can say is "marketing" is a beautiful thing......look at bottled water....f**k me..the world's gone mad!!!!! :shock:

    BTW....Did I mention.......not a fan of the looks but I'm sure its very fast.

  14. Wow, you serious? That would be seriously cool. Lets hope :grin:
  15. Seriously, that's the dumbest thing I've ever read.

    Why do you think superbikes are getting smaller? It's those conniving bike manufacturers, pinching pennies by making the frame a little thinner, shaving kilos off all over the place, just to save a dollar or two. Conned us all again with bullshit about "performance" and "power to weight".
  16. Of course kols_kebabs, that's my point.............the Japanese are masters at it. Especially when it comes to product development, manufacturing efficiencies, processes eg. JIT, Kanban etc...

    Look at Toyota.........Holden and Ford don't have any hope. They're selling more units and guess what........making more margin per unit but Holdens look better right? Quality and reliability is what sells
    Toyota.......ALLEGEDLY (its that "M" word again)

    Yes we've all been conned.........how much can they shave off to save 1, 2, 3kgs.....BIG F@#$KING DEAL!!!!! I take a sh!t in the morning and lose 3kgs...........please :roll:
  17. I really can't tell if you're trolling or just that stupid.

    I was taking the piss out of you?

    Marketing has nothing to do with why superbikes are small. fcuk marketing, Toyota simply build far better cars than anything Holden and Ford ever have.
  18. I suggest you stick to commenting on the marketing of the product then and leave the actual product alone until you have a clue what you're talking about. :wink: :roll:
  19. wow! a slipper clutch & 158 in 1st gear!
    who woulda thunk it???
    :lastyear: :roll: