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I feel empty (just sold first bike)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pez, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    i just sold my VTR250 today and while the RWC was getting done i had time to drool over the new one for a while (triumph speed triple SE) but i still have 2 weeks to go on restrictions...:nopity:

    at least the weather is crap..

    OK im all vented now... thanks for understanding :)

  2. so you get your triple in 2 weeks then? :)
  3. Yep although the 800cc jump will be interesting
  4. This makes me remember my first...

    Zoey the purple ZZR, I was a bad owner. :(
  5. :cry::cry:

    give us an update when u pick up the new bike
  6. Im in EXACTLY the same situation as you.....
    I just sold my VTR250 2 days ago, and I have an FZ1 coming from QLD, I get my full license in exactly 8 days, bikeless for 2 weeks sucks. I loved that VTR, but at least i can see mine whenever i want, as i sold it to a guy from work.
  7. I loved my VTR.. i sat there the night before i dropped it off saying what a shame it is to sell it and so on then my Mrs looks at me like im a dick and says 'you hate that bike 1 month after buying it you wanted a bigger one'

    and she was right (dont tell her though) so bugger the VTR
  8. there is no sharper pain in motorcycling than that brought on by selling your first bike :(.
  9. I reckon thats a good thing! At least if there is some pain then it means you enjoyed owning it and had some good times.

    Better than boats so I hear. What's that saying..."a boat will make you happy for two days - the day you buy and the day you sell it!"
  10. I didn't sell mine, it got totaled!
  11. I seized my engine 2 weeks ago.. and have been bikeless since.

    No more restrictions as of thismorning, but sadly still no bike

  12. I would have to say that stacking my first motorbike was a little bit painful .

    you will soon forget this pain when you get on your speedy !!!!
  13. best way to get over one is get your leg over another ;) enjoy the triple. x
  14. I wish my first bike would sell so I know what you're feeling.......

  15. True for both women and motorcycles.

    Except for my ZZR :cry:
  16. Ive still got my ZZR. It sits out the front fading away. I really should get around to selling it but whatever.

    As for restrictions, well I bought my GSX-R about 5 1/2 months before I got my fulls.
    Let's just say my plan of "Oh it's ok it can just sit there until I get my full license" lasted about 10 days. (Before I rode it on a private road of course...)

    Have fun with the Triple.
  17. i love the look of this bike, and i would definetely wanna do a test ride of it if i was gonna upgrade to a bigger bike. although that would be a long way off for me.

    can you post photos on when you get it? and let me know how you found it (the power difference, how good it is around town. etc). would love to know, thanks

    oh, and congrats and go safe on it!
  18. _sigh_

    11 months and 1 week till i can get my Daytona :-(
  19. I had a black cbr.. blacky.. she went to a better home..