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I feel Embarrassed for the R1 rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. last w/e went out for a drive (car) with the wife and kid, saw this R1 behind me at close distance, so I slowed down and gave him abit of space to overtake me. He flew passed me, and what I saw was not pretty, His ass was half exposed, a large crack and white but cheeks hanging out. My wife was laughing, but i felt embarrassed for the dude. when I ride I often feel paranoid that my ass is showing, so every lights i try and adjust my pants, jacket etc, but this dude didn't adjust nothing, was in a country location so not much traffic, but he was heading into the suburbs , saw him overtake a blue Honda jazz with p plates full of teenage girls, saw them all laughing, he was to far ahead for me to tell him to pull his pants up, just saw him ride towards the city in peak traffic, then i got stuck at the lights and off he went, half arsed.

  2. Aside from the fact that he rides an R1? :LOL:

    May have been intentional, the arse caper that is... Was it a full browneye?
  3. Just evidence he wasn’t riding fast enough if you had time to see.
  4. if you ride an R1 and was in the western sydney area heading east last weekend, please buy some larger size pants or tuck your shirt in your pants, or wear some undies.


    this is what you looked like from behind
  5. The best thing to do would be to try at get a pencil in his crack while he's moving.
  6. Given that he was riding a Yamaha he was probably advertising.
  7. Loz has an R1 now???!?!???
  8. wow. draggins come in low rise now?
  9. you pencil pushin' office jockeys are easily shocked. :LOL:
    go get a job in construction and every plumber has crack. :LOL:
  10. Go to Canberra. Buy Fireworks. Shove a cracker in the crack. Problem solved.

  11. :applause:
  12. I feel embarrassed for R1 riders all the time... :LOL:
  13. I just sicked a little :sick:

    new rule - all R1 riders have to wear full race leathers :wink:
  14. Let's not take any chances
  15. Duct tape fixes all

  16. sorted - thanks geeth :wink:

  17. Want somebody save that poor bike!!!!
    BA HA HA HA!
  18. It's natural selection, one must be sacrificed for the sake of the pack :twisted:
  19. I just cannot understand this crack business.

    I have a friend who I constantly badger when he bends down with his slot machine showing.

    Get some fukin suspenders people.