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i feel dirty for wanting this....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. It looks to be in pretty good nick
  2. i love old bikes as well. i just dont have the brains or tools to keep em going reliably.

    in my 'perfect' garage, i would have a cruiser, an old ducati, and an old school bike like this one
  3. I rode an Ariel squaffer for a couple of months back in the 60's, went like stink, But maintenance on old bikes, I am past that, Thats why I ride a Honda, no Bloody maintenance,

    Looks good tho,
  4. There is no such thing as a 1952 Ariel Arrow.


    Yeah. Not worth it really. :bolt:

  5. Looks pretty good. As much as I can tell.
    Was it really too much to ask to wheel it 3m outside and take some half-decent pix. Sorry, off thread a bit, but it always amazes me that some sellers don't go to any trouble to put their item for sale in the best possible light. And then they wonder why it won't sell.
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  6. The Arrow was made from 1958 - 1965...

    (Seven years too long really).

    A slow, unreliable, two stroke twin made in England. Not one of the worlds better motorcycles.

    Character building though! :)
  7. It was better and more modern than the Villiers engined rubbish that was your only other alternative if you happened to be a British subject who wanted a stroker in those days though. The Europeans were making some quite decent ones but crippling tariffs and whatnot made such gems staggeringly expensive outside their native lands.

    Probably no worse than the four stroke competition of the time either.

    But with a 250 learner law introduced round about then, the manufacturers could happily sell crap to a captive market.

    Then the Japanese arrived.............
  8. But at least the four stroke competition didn't have that nasty two piece crankshaft. Given the choice, I'd take the BSA C15 over the Aerial.
  9. You do know what an Ariel squaffer was. It was a four stroke,
  10. Yes, but the OP was about an Arrow, which wasn't.
  11. I didnt know they were two strokes, The Arrow,

    That makes us even, Hahahahahaha