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I failed! Damn Scooters!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. lol. Monday I took my bike in for a service and was offered the use of a scooter for the day. Bryan (Mornington Honda) was pretty excited and told me I was going to have a ball on this thing. haha.

    He showed me the controls etc. Instead of a clutch, there was a front and rear brake lever on the left bar. Okaaay! Methinks that'll take a bit of getting used to. :LOL:

    So he gives me the keys and I get on. Start it up with Bryan watching with a grin from ear to ear. hahaha. I get 10 metres up the rd and brake to try and turn onto the highway and nearly drop the bloody thing. Turn around and look at Bryan and shake my head...nope. No can do. lol. Fuggedaboutit. :oops: :LOL:

    It felt so foreign. So wrong! I couldn't even steer it. :oops: It hasn't turned me off scooters completely though - if anything I'm now keen to master these things. :evil: :wink: :LOL:
  2. Rosie, have a read of my review......you really should of given it a longer test ride.......they are sooooo much fun :LOL: completely agree, u turns feel quite strange and i to thought the brakes were very snatchy, but you get used to them very quickly.....oh well, maybe it's just not meant to be

  3. You're better off!!!
    It's a sign!


  4. When A1 'forgot' to service my bike last week, they very generously(!) gave me the keys to another Aprilia. A little red scooter, with nice red top box. All 150cc of raging power. What a giggle. It had done 20,000km so wasn't very fresh, but I got the hang of it. I just made sure that I used the rear brake to get the revs up before I powered off.

    The thing just went like a rocket to 90kmh, all at the same rpm until eventually the speed caught up with the revs. Weird, strange but fun!

    If I lived in the shitty, I'd have one for my daily hack. Not one of the nice ones either, but the $3k ones that you basically throw away after a couple of years.
  5. scooters have a very light front wheel, due to the engine being in the back, not the centre.. So over steering and over braking is normal, if you are not used to it..
    Besides that, we should be more carefull when we ride something we don't know, even the exact same bike but with different tyres would handle differently :grin:
    I recently changed the front tyre and i almost had an off in the first corner!! the wheel felt like it was stuck to the ground and refused to turn!!

    Another sign could be:

    as you can only ride 50% of the 2 wheels vehicles.. :p
  6. I almost did the same Rosie.

    I test rode an Aprilia Scarbeo 500 last year !
    Damn it was a nice bike . . . has everything that closes and shuts.

    I almost dropped it grabing a handful of rear brake as I thought it was the clutch. :eek: The Scarbeo brake setup also increases the front brakes (double brembos) if the rear is engaged violently . . . I was lucky to hold it up.
  7. Last year I used to just ride my Ninja 900cc bike, then I went to Europe for a holiday and saw all these little scooters booting around London, Paris and Rome. In London I would just stand at the traffic lights as a line up of scooters would take off with their screaming 50cc engines.

    When I got back I went out and bought a Honda Today 50cc with a white Top Box looked kinda gay when I think about it (not that there is anything wrong with that).

    In the end I found it too slow, top speed went out at 55 kmh and many a time I thought a bogan in a Commodore was going to run over the top of me. So I traded up to a Honda Lead 100cc, since I have had the scooters I have never taken public transport and ride in every day from Richmond to the City for work.

    Its a great inexpensive, fun means of transport, I leave the Ninja for long road trips on weekends. Also cost less than 3k so when it does die I will have got my moneys worth.
  8. Scooters are a strange thing to ride for sure. I prefer the one i used to have with the 16" wheels, felt a lot more stable and didn't feel the bumps as much.. :grin:
  9. lol Stewy - that's an awesome write-up. Makes me want to try again next service. lol. ;)

    I did what you did Micky and automatically pulled the 'clutch' in :? :LOL:

    I can see the attraction and can see why people would use these to commute, but living out here I'd kill the thing riding in to Prahran every day. That's if I could master riding the thing out of my driveway :LOL: :oops:
  10. There are lot's of those these days. The biggest success story in europe for big wheels is the Beverly, piaggio..
    They are great over bumps etc but a bit unstable in side winds especially over 110km/h (the 400cc cruises at 140 with max 160-5)

    Here is me riding one of those in full leathers...

  11. now go and wash yourself in detol..........scooter germs :LOL:
  12. Yep - I had one while my bike was being serviced when I used to go to A1. Felt very unstable! Took it up Mt Dandenong anyway, but just a little too weak (125cc) and flighty for my liking. Not to mention cold... the air circulating around my legs was freezing!
  13. we hired scooters in darwin to look around town. they automatically cut power once they hit 70 ks. mine went fractionally faster than ken's at 71ks. first time i've ridden faster than him in my life. it was a very strange and very funny experience!
  14. . . . a few weeks ago, there were reports from Cragieburn of a scooter rider wearing purple draggins carving up the streets on a Yamaha BeeWee 100 ! :LOL:

    . . . and she loved it so much she is thinking of converting !
  15. We just bought 1 for zippin down to the local shops and so forth, they are tops to fang around.
  16. Actually, I was wearing my red draggins :p
  17. I also forgot to mention that we hired 1 whilst we were in Thialand on our honeymoon.
  18. Har har har -all these people who get so anal about riding only one particular style of bike. Anything with 2 wheels & an engine is fun in my book. Many years ago my cousin worked in a bike shop. At lunch time we used to sneak off on any demo scoots they had at the time & have scooter GP's all around the twistie back streets that abounded in the area. Now that was fun :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. White top box...

    Hi Lewy,

    Fairly unrelated to the discussion, but I have a Honda Today w a white top box and I, too, think it looks a bit gay! But I couldn't find any other ones...

    The Givis look a bit chunky... I like the streamlined ones - a shame Honda didn't produce the Today with a matching TB...

    Can anyone recommend a top box?
  20. According to your profile you're in the Northern Territory, if you're taking your bike to Mornington Honda for a service then the service must be friggin sensational... it's a bit of a commute I reckon....