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I escaped death today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Badge33, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. So I was riding on Wildwood Road, Bulla (a narrow and curvy road amongst farmland) today, doing about 100km out of a curve, when I see a large old ute travelling on the right hand side of the road towards me! I immediately pictured myself smashing right into it and thought "this is it, I'm finished."

    I managed to switch lanes and avoid the car thank God, but came off the road and down a grass gully (now probably doing about 60km and faced with another predicament). I had a row of trees on one side and a wire fence on the other. As I went down the gully, the rear slid out and I now pictured my bike and I tumbling into pieces. The bike somehow straightened out and I managed to keep the bike up and back onto the road by not panicing and keeping a loose grip on the bars (plus some help from above).

    The ute had not stopped to see if I was okay, so I went and chased it down. Once I caught up with it I pulled it over and spoke to the driver.

    I asked if she realised she almost killed me. She was very apologetic and said she had just returned from America and forgot which side of the road to drive on!!

    I'm just happy to be alive and the bike is all good. My prayer for safety during the ride was answered, thank you God.
  2. That's bullshit, i'm sorry but there is no excuse for her leaving the scene like that. For all she knew you were maimed or worse in that gully..
  3. Thank God mate, sounds like some scary stuff. Nice work chasing her down to sort it out.
  4. That woman was a sociopath, pure and simple.
  5. When did women start driving utes? That's hot...did you get her number?
  6. When did we start thanking god for not crashing?
  7. damn that country is too blame for everything
  8. Mate, you could write another song for this -


    "My Leathers Got Fuller in Bulla" :shock:

    Glad you are ok...
  9. "My Leathers Got Fuller in Bulla"

    hahahahah nicely done
  10. You wouldn't have been faced with any of this danger had she just stayed in the kitchen..

    Good to hear you came out of it ok, and without dropping the bike too. :)

    Disclaimer: I do not intend to offend anyone, I just hear that racist/feminist jokes are all the rage these days
  11. Could be fun if she forgot which was the right side in the bedroom.
  12. The steering wheel being on the RHS wasn't a big enough clue for her?

    Glad you got out of it OK, did you report it? Leaving the scene just isn't on.
  13. I started thanking God for a lot of things a long time ago. Upsets you does it?
  14. So a motorcyclist comes around a corner at speed, travelling directly at her, swerves to avoid her, and she doesn't think to look in her mirrors to see if he is OK? Sounds like the typical cager attitude towards motorcyclists, i.e. fvck them.

    Congrats on getting the bike back onto the road, Badge33, must have taken some skill!
  15. Badge, glad to hear you made it.

    I know that road well. Where did to go off mate?

    If what she says is true, then you passing on the wrong side of the road for you, would have fitted right into her day time delusion about where she was... she might not have realised she was in the wrong with you flashing past... yet, I find her story hard to believe.
  16. You'd be surprised at the number of tourist drive out of the various "attractions" along the GOR and head down the road on the wrong side.

    That would be why there are so many "we drive on the left in Australia" signs on all the roads down there.
  17. I think he meant that god had little to do with not crashing, but a certain amount of luck mixed with skill did.

    Lets not start a religious arguement.
  18. Well done on surviving....scary stuff!
  19. Yeah DC, I bet the stupid cow was wearing SHOES too !!!

    Glad to hear u and the bike made it out in one chunk ....Still i would have taken the womens details and filed a report, that sort of mindless shit KILLS people!
  20. It's fine for women to wear shoes. So long as they are heals. That way they can be tucked behind my ears.