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I.E. 9.0 Beta?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. I'm happy to try new things, but when you can't access sites you always could, ??? My netbank site says I've been logged in too long, when I've only just connected...

    no such problems with I.E. 8.0

    back to the drawing board, boys :LOL:
  2. Mozilla for life :D
  3. i stopped using exploder about 3 weeks after v6 was released
  4. Firefox is ..... just so much better!
  5. firefox looks so much better

  6. You... use IE with something related to banking? :-s

  7. i'd install something IN that. Via usb stick of course ;)
  8. she is HOT - but what's going on with her armpit? :-s
  9. Her arm is bent back, and the singlet has some effect, too.
  10. firefox is winning
  11. daffy made me laugh. hard
  12. Mac chicks do it better ;)


  13. blonde nice...very nice. brunette not so much
  15. Chrome is the best browser.

    Hornet, IE9 is in beta. That means it has lots of bugs in it. The reason they put it out for beta testing is to find bugs just like the one you found. MS would be more than happy that you tell them about it.
  16. i thought Chrome was gay :D
  17. It is on a bike but on your computer it's manly.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Good point, and of course I realise it's in beta, may well pass that info on

    Firefox may be all the rage, but it messes seriously with the NSW DET Portal, especially mail.....