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I drove a car yesterday...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cameronp, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. ... and damn was it weird! I haven't owned a car in over 18 months and have been getting around pretty much exclusively on two wheels for the last 9 months, and each time I've driven a car since then it's felt less and less natural.

    Anyone else get the feeling that driving is like piloting a yacht down the roads, big and fat and reluctant to change direction or speed? Inconveniently sized so it won't fit in the spaces you're used to occupying. I live on a one-way street with parking on both sides, and on a bike it feels nice and wide but in a car it's narrow and claustrophobic. Visibility best straight ahead and straight behind you, with irritating pillars blocking your side view. No wonder SMIDSY is so common.

    Trapped, not just in the sense of having a big metal box surrounding you, but because you can't easily get past all of the other big metal boxes on the road. Traffic flow feels different: in a car it seems like the road is always full of cars ahead, behind and to the side of you whereas in a bike it often feels like there's bunches of slow-moving cars travelling together like they're in a pack, separated by stretches of empty road.

    Having said that, it is wonderful to have a heater when you're cruising down the freeway on a cold night.

    Do people who regularly both drive and ride feel like this too?

    [Placing this in General rather than The Pub because even though it's nominally about cars, it's more about how riding has changed my perception of cars. I guess this isn't particularly new to most people here, but it's been something that's been brewing in my head for a while - I've been surprised at just how much my choice of transport has changed the way I think.]
  2. I'd agree with that.
  3. Horses for courses. If you have to carry stuff that relates to your work, a car is the only sensible choice. That guy you filtered past half an hour ago is going home from work in his suit and will change into his leathers and go for a ride later......
  4. Depends on the car - some are still pleasant to drive (in straight lines :p)
  5. When my CBR got stolen last month, I replaced it with a car (a decent one, at least), first one I've owned in several years. I miss riding and hate my now-doubled commute home, but heaters and air conditioning and being dry are AMAZING.

    Less amazing? Having to look for parking spots, and pay to use them.
  6. The chances of that are pretty slim
  7. Really? What makes you say that? That's a pretty unsustainable assertion. Thousands of people have to drive cars for work, for family reasons, for transporting stuff. Thousands of people also own and ride bikes. It's not some mark of orthodoxy or superiority not to own or drive a car....
  8. @hornet: oh, absolutely! I'm not saying that everyone should commute on their bike all the time - it's obviously not practical for a lot of people, and not so enjoyable when it's cold and wet. I'm in the opposite situation, there's nowhere on campus I can afford to park a car so if I had a car it would be an expensive toy used only on rainy weekends for carrying heavy things and passengers.

    @philmydang: yeah, the car I was driving was particularly hateful - an old Ford Telstar. I used to have a Golf which was a delight to drive, but it was all about isolating you from the road, pretty much the opposite of riding a bike.

    @grue: Five seats and a heater and air conditioning and windscreen wipers! They seem like such luxuries now.
  9. Firstly, did you read the opening post, if so you've taken it completely differently to me.

    Secondly, how many licenced riders are there and how many licenced drivers are there?

    I stand my by assertion that the chances are pretty fcuking slim.
  10. I usually drive on the weekend to run some errands so I don't find it weird now, however before I started renovations and have family living with me, I did find it weird and some what frustrating when the off chance I had to drive to work to bring some rather large awkward items...a 45-60min commute turned into a 1.5-2 hour commute. I do take it easy when driving though, seeing as I drive a Tarago now, I need to double check mirrors so I don't run some poor sod over.

    Although when driving anything automatic other than the Tarago will see me reach for a column shift stalk rather than conventional console shift...makes me look retarded at times.
  11. Really surprised to see WA, NT and Qld having almost double the proportion of licensed bikers that NSW and Vic do, especially considering that WA and Qld have the hardest licensing systems in the country (I think) and WA and NT have relatively fewer twisties.

    Wonder if that's changed over the last ten years ... http://www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/auss...3CA257A7600186000/$File/93090_31 jan 2012.pdf suggests not. WA and Qld have the highest number of motorcycles per capita and WA has the fastest growth rate in motorcycle registrations - crazy and not at all what you'd expect from the demographics on Netrider!
  12. [quote="cameronp, post: 2561199, member: 38605
    Anyone else get the feeling that driving is like piloting a yacht down the roads, big and fat and reluctant to change direction or speed?

    Trade the SUV and buy a Porsche.
  13. Cars are fun too, I'd rather drive an S2000 than ride a CB250. Commuting is also boring in any vehicle, and taking a sports car for a spin in the hills is great fun.
  14. I love riding, but impractical when you have to shuttle kids around.

    In that case, I very much fancy my Land Rover and all the extra space I have, sitting on leather with the temperature just the way I like it. It does take a bit of extra time to get where I'm going, but I let myself enjoy the ride.

    And yes, when I get home I change out of my suit, get into the leathers and go for a ride with the roads a little less crowded.

    Best of both world in my opinion. ;)
  15. I find driving to be very frustrating because I can't get past the mobile roadblocks that a bike simply hoovers up.

    I disagree that commuting on a bike is boring. If it is, you need to find ways of making it otherwise. Commuting by car however......Well, no wonder everyone's focussed on their techno toys rather than the driving task.
  16. I get booked too much commuting on bikes.
  17. Driving is the ejaculatory equivalent of masturbating, while riding is at the bare minimum on the worst day, the equivalent of a top notch head job.
  18. there fixed it ;)
  19. both good?