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I dropped my bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by magin, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Yes, so i've been riding for about a month and a half, and have done 3500 km... Feel a lot more comfortable now on the bike and haven't had any issues, until today when I was cleaning my chain. I was in the driveway of my apartment's carparking space as I had been rollling my bike along to clean the chain. A lady was walking down the driveway so I decided to move the bike so she could pass easier.

    She says "Nice bike", then I say "thanks" and then the bike goes boom onto the floor! Pretty heartbreaking as I was intending to never drop a bike! Anyway, the damage is minor, it's a VTR250 with oggy knobs. I only scratched the handlebar end thing, and scraped and dented the muffler where it joins the pipe from the engine, although as far as I can tell, there are no holes, and it sounds completely normal.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure this would have never happened if I took the extra .5 seconds to hop on the bike and walk it forward, instead of pushing it from a stupid position. The handle bar lock was on as well, which definitely wouldn't have helped.

    Probably a good learning experience for me, as this bike is a secondhand cheaper bike, no real damage done (as far as I can tell now) and only bloody knees for myself. Mistakes are very good to learn from, and I'm not going to do the exact same one ever again!

  2. And me always trying to see the positive side to the situation is now pleased that I know the bike is very easy to pick up! No need for fancy levering it up.
  3. Learn how to move your bike around manually, its a good skill to have..

    Moving forward I have both hands on the bars..

    Backwards, one hand on left bar & other on back of bike, grab handle or rack or wherever you have solid purchase.

    Be careful turning a bike away from you, harder to recover if your balance isn't good, if it comes towards you at least you have a chance of holding it using your hips/legs..
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  4. At least you got it out of the way now and not later with something more expensive. Have a look at the Disc Jockey, It's a set of small rollers that go under your wheel so you can turn the wheel and do the chain. I have one and i think its good to use.
  5. And get oggy nobs!!!
  6. He's got them Goddie :p
  7. Get a job in the industry. Pretty soon you will be pushing the rotten things over for fun.
  8. Ha sorry but I'm a little bit slow... what does this mean exactly?
  9. Dont under estimate the knowedge of a mature woman!! You never know what she can teach you about riding!!

    err that should be about the bike..
  10. You work in a chocolate shop you pretty soon get sick of the chocolate.
    Working in a brothel is a different story.But you still have to roll over the merchandise if you want to keep sales up.
    I love my bikes and have for a long long time. But if you love your bikes you will have to choose. Love of riding or making a buck out of them. cant have both for long.