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I dropped my bike yesterday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by avidmxreader, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. first time for me. The good news? I was stationary at the time and in my carpark and didn't injure myself. The bad news? first scratch and my precious isn't factory fresh anymore, oh and I felt like a complete idiot. The great news? I can pick the sucker back up myself without any assistance.

    The guys at HART taught us how to pick a bike up but wouldn't let us actually do so, even under supervision. I had no idea if I was physically capable of doing so until yesterday.

  2. Glad you're OK. Everyone has the "oh shit" moment sooner or later, and it's much easier to deal with when it's on home ground.

    It's funny how the mind works; even whilst sliding down the road, I was more worried about the expense of repairs and embarrassment than personal injury and what was bearing down from behind... thankfully when I stopped sliding nothing else hit me, no-one saw it, it only cost a lever and a bar end, and the skin eventually grew back.

    I imagine that if the H in HART didn't stand for Honda their OHS policy would rule out teaching on real bikes that move under their own power, so I can see why they don't have a couple of old clunkers for people to practice picking up... risk assessment and manual handling guidelines et etc. We live in such a nannied environment.
  3. Its definitely heart breaking the first time. It was for me - luckily it was just the handle bars and plastic bits of the mirrors + exhaust that got scratched. Fairings were ok. Have installed sliders since and they def work on drops.

    But then again - its bound to happen especially given we are learners. I hate to say this - but you're likely to do it again especially when you are practicing slow maneuveres :s I've dropped mine a couple of times and for good measure my missus dropped it too lol.

    The trick is to pick it up straight away, start it and ride it around the block. Funny thing is I found I rode better after my last drop lol. Must be like learning to skii.

    Remember when picking the bike up to push your body weight against it. Kinda like levering the bike back up. You don't need to use brute strength, you might pull something/drop it mid way lol.
  4. ... and the second time, and the third ... and the fourth ... and ... well, I stopped counting after seven. Then I went and bought a different bike that wasn't so top heavy and after that everything was fine - that was in my first year of riding 5 years ago. Only other problem I've had was when I locked the front brake of the 848 at a service station because I got distracted - that was about a year ago and I was totally devastated because I had thought I was over making stupid mistakes like that.

    In my first year when I kept dropping the bl**dy thing ever five seconds (it was a Moto Guzzi Nevada, light but very top heavy), I went to a HART intermediate riders course and one of the guys doing the course with me dropped his brand new bike and was just beside himself. I cheerfully, and I thought helpfully, said, oh don't worry - I do that all the time, it's not so bad - but he just looked at me like I was from a different planet and was decidedly unimpressed by my efforts to cheer him up. I didn't drop my bike at all that day - ha ha.

    Being a girl and not having much upper-body strength, when the bike starts to tip there's not much I can do about it. It very quickly gets to that "oh f*ck" stage when I know I've lost it and just have to sit there going over and rolling my eyes at my total incompetence. I know it's a familiar story with a lot of girl newbies. It took me a while to be able to recognise dangerous cambers where I was more likely to tip over, and knowing when to use the back brake to steady the bike in slow situations rather than grabbing a handful of front (like I did with the 848 at the service station - rookie error!).

    I am totally embarrassed to say that I've never had to pick the bike up myself because whenever I've dropped it there's been a guy (or a bunch of them) who have dashed over manfully to help. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing because I always feel like SUCH a pathetic little girlie-wirlie - but no-one has ever made me feel stupid - they've always been really great and mostly concerned for my welfare, whereas I am more concerned for the bike's. I was in tears when I dropped the 848 because it was brand new and so beautiful and I felt like such a loser, and the two guys who helped me thought I was crying because I was hurt!

    I don't mean to hijack this thread - but wonder if other girls have experienced a higher drop rate and can they pick the bike up themselves?

    Glad you're OK Avidmx!
  5. Hope the bikes ok. I'm yet to drop the ninja (touch wood). Did have 2 drops on learner bikes with crash bars, because i was still figuring out that a) even when you panic, don't grab the front brake; and b) slow tight manouvers require a little rear & constant low throttle. Felt like such an ass :(

    Shit, I'd be in tears if I dropped an 848 too. Thinking of getting the new 848 streetfighter once I'm off RE. I've had the gf (45kg~) sit on the ninja, its only 165kg wet but once it's going over she can't stop it or slow it. Maybe smaller girls might have issue early on learning low speed control when you're more likely to drop it but i'd think that'd it'd be almost even later on?
  6. Almost everyone drops a bike at some point.

    Doing so whilst stationary in a relatively safe place, with minimal damage, is a win-win situation for a biker! :)

    I've had two drops whilst stationary, one when moving the bike around in a confined space, and the other at a T-junction when I was putting my foot down, on what I later realised was a very well camouflaged pebble, which made me unstable when my foot slipped and the weight of the bike took over.

    Glad you're OK! :)
  7. My first drop was on a tiny 150cc bike, i was trying to do a tight almost stationary U-turn and somehow locked the handlebars in a way that made me tip over. But that was about 4 years ago, was surprised that a small bike actually felt pretty heavy for its size

    I had my second stationary just a couple of weeks ago. It was a stupid one and I'm still kicking myself today.. Pushed the bike at a servo as cars were queuing up behind me, and conveniently forgot that the stand was up.

    Probably too distracted trying to balance my helmet on the mirror and gloves on the tank as well. Leaned it and realized that something didn't seem quite right, the bike should be supporting itself by now. By that time it was past the tipping point and I had to lay her down. Scratched engine cover and handlebar ends, at least the fairing was alright. and shorty levers ftw~

    Embarrassing moment as a couple of people came by to ask if I was alright. Took awhile to start her up as the carbies were flooded.. and sprinted off after that. >.<
  8. Ironic thing... I didn't drop the bike at all during the learner course and it had a cage around it too! 1 week into my new bike and guess what - its not a virgin anymore!
  9. I wish that we got to try picking the bikes up at HART. I haven't dropped mine yet but I'm worried about the day that I'll need to pick it up. I've seen a few videos on how to do it but I haven't been able to practice it. (And I don't want to drop mine to find out if I can lift it by myself.)
    Luckily being ~100kg and my bike only weighing ~155kg wet I shouldn't have a big problem lifting it in the unfortunate event of dropping it.
  10. Dropped my new bike at an intersection in Nowra a few days back cos a fly got into my helmet and the bike was in gear on an upslope. Stood there frantically tearing off my helmet and swearing. A Chinese gentleman who drove up behind me helped me pick it up very kindly. Busted my left mirror but lo and behold the Oggy knobs protected my fairing. Just a tiny bend in the clutch lever. Oggy knobs , best investment ever. As the others have said , when the bike's going down all you think of is damage to the bike Good you are ok
  11. Happens to the best of us mate.

    My heart sank when I first dropped my bike in my garage trying to put it on the centre stand. Worst part about the drop was that it landed on the end of my old mans trailer (the knob), luckily the frame didn't crack but the fairings + decals were left with a big mark.
  12. I dropped the bike at the Stay Upright course on the second day when I stalled for about the millionth time. I was able to pick it up on my own but the same couldn't be said for when I dropped my Virago on the nature strip outside my house. :facepalm:

    The neighbours across the road came and helped, and then I went to a car park and did some figure 8s and emergency stopping. No damage to the bike thankfully :)
  13. Sucks you dropped the bike

    But I hope it provided a lesson.
    If you ride, stuff will get in your helmet. Next time it could be a bee or a wasp at 100km/h.

    You can't afford to let stuff like that affect your concentration.

    Pull over, park bike. And then feel free to freak out if necessary.
  14. Too true, good gear helps keep most crap out. I was riding in country Vietnam, some weird flying bug went up the sleeve of my jacket, up my long sleeve shirt and bit/stung me 5 times. I was in pain, but kept it cool and pulled over safely, parked the bike, got off and then proceeded to go mental. It's hard, but it can save you.

    Over here i wear gauntlet gloves, full leather jacket, closed helmet, draggin jeans and boots tucked in under the jeans. That said, I've put my helmet on the ground, went off for a ride to only feel ants around my ears.
  15. I've dropped my bike on to my car. Beat that...
  16. Hi Avid,

    I did it day one in my own driveway twice, first time pushing it around and 2nd time when I tried to ride it from bottom to top (Gravel reasonably steep)

    Like you very little damage as it is a naked but it still hurt; my wife said I was like a 5 year old boy sulking. Funny thing is that later that night I was if this makes any sort of sense almost glad it happened. In a well I have done that now lets get on with learning how to ride the thing.

    Agree with you about the HART thing, my bike is 200kg wet and I had a hell of a time getting it back up again; would have been good to have practiced how to do it the right way.

    Anyway glad to hear not much damage and that you are okay.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. come down to sat morn prac session and yuo'll get taught how to pick it up :)
    like all of us, we can cry quite easily lol
  18. .... I dropped the ZZR250 when I was on my L's... Not a chance in hell of picking it up without assistance...so if I ever drop the 600 ( god forbid!).. It will just have to stay there until help arrives!!...:-s

    It all happened so fast!!... I didn't even get the "fffffuuuuu....." finished before I was on the ground!!

    Lessons are learned!!....:wink:
  19. Sorry Damo, should have made that clear....the tearing off the helmet bit only happened after the bike went down. Being early morning and having just ridden less than 50 yards to the intersection, I had the visor open, so when the fly or whatever gave me a start making me release my clutch lever a bit. I did get a grab again on it but being on a bit of a tilt to start with that was enough.. Anyway, i do get your point. On a certain day a long time back a wasp did get in and stung me on my back when I was on a highway doing about 80-90k's. I must say , it was summer and I was wearing a shirt and not a full on jacket (in a time when a lot of people didnt wear jackets midsummer, such as you see riders in Darwin). Well, the only way I could stop the bike was grabbing a hold of the bug thru the shirt over my back, giving him(or her) a tight squeeze and dropping him, then grabbing clutch , shift down and stop the bike. Once I was off the bike, then I could rip shirt off and get it out. Thankfully I am not allergic to wasps, so I survived the day..... anyway, I digress....cheers
  20. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.

    I caught a K100 inches from the ground with two fingers once. :)