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I dropped it

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by port80, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Okay for the first time in about 6 years I dropped my bike. I was riding along a dirt track when it merged with a concrete path on a mild angle. There was a line of grass covering about a one inch height difference between the dirt and the concrete. My mistake was not unweighting the front wheel over the grass. My front wheel couldn't mount the ridge as it was such a mild angle and I went over to my left at 35km/hr onto the concrete path.

    I now have some nice scrapes covering a large area of my lower leg and a small chip out of my elbow (I think). My summer gloves saved my palms from loosing any skin.

    Moral of the story... watch where you're going rather than the girls that are calling out to you :oops:

  2. Bugger, see what happens when you trade a Honda for a suz.........for a suzu.......oh you know :p

    Good to hear its only scrapes :(
  3. Actually the Suzuki got off without even a scrape.

    I was riding this

    (Hence posting in Off Topic)
  4. Ya goose.

    Sif posting it in Off topic is going to indicate that it was a pushy that you dropped.

    Nice flat bar Roadie that ;)

    Was looking at one similar early this year. Then thought, "I don't know anyone that rides a pushy" so never bothered with it.
  5. I'm looking at doing 1-2 short rides per week from here on in. I followed the Werribee river through for several kms this arvo before returning and pulling the above antics :mad:

    I'm keen for a ride partner.....
  6. Well then, it's off to ebay I go ;)
  7. LOL oh im sorry port but thats funny.

    But get your elbow checked out, one never knows.
  8. :rofl: & I was just about to post a message of sympathy as well. :roll: :p
  9. Nice of the mods to move it into the wrong forum :roll: I've moved it back :evil:

    I just missed a Giant CRX3 on ebay, it sold for $472 :evil: it was only 10km old :evil:

    ahhh well, I think I'll just go grab a mongoose MTB from Goldcross for $360.

    The $120 Aldi jobs look nasty
  10. Make sure you get it sized up correctly. I fscked up last two times getting one frame too small and the next one one size too large :(
  11. Tsk tsk tsk... now, you should have been wearing leather jacket and pants. You never know what will happen when you go out for a ride. :wink:
  12. Geez port, here I was thinking you'd dropped the across until i saw the next post. Was all ready to give you my condolences :roll: Still, hope your elbow is ok. Remember to wear the leathers next time :wink:

    On a related topic, I resurrected my mountain bike yesterday after not riding a pushy for years. Talk about a weird feeling after being used to riding a motorcycle!
  13. Neighbour bought his new old bike over as he couldnt change gears, had a fiddle, couldn't fix it.

    Whilst trying though, I rode the bike around the block and was somewhat surprised that when I checked my mirrors they weren't there :twisted: :LOL:

    This is the bike that I am interested in.
  14. Fellow Westerners,

    A nice summer challenge could be to cycle into Westside Coffee. It's not too far from Werribee (24 kays approx) and take about an hour.

    One day Port, when you have a couple of spare hours, let me regale you tales of my stupidity on bicycles.

    Ciao All.
  15. Good choice - I've been riding one of those for the last 5 years and it's still holding together well despite some serious offroad (ab)use and plenty of kms onroad too (used to do around 200 kms a week, though that's dropped a lot since getting something with an engine :)).
  16. Excellent. Sounds like a plan.. it should be a tail wind on the way there, only problem is finding somebody to drive me home :grin: Some time in Feb when the weather is a little more friendly might be the idea.

    Hrrm stupidity on bicycles... ahhh yes I remember that, one collar bone broken in two places, two thumbs broken in the joint, one little finger broken, numberous square meters of lost skin and lots of wasted money.
  17. I'm pretty sure it's much the same frame as what I'm riding. If so they have a pretty insane warranty on them, maybe 15 years or somthing? The mid level Shimano running gear is pretty hard to kill short of running it sideways into a rock face.
  18. Yeah the only problem I've had with mine was with the plastic pedals snapping off after a few months use - though I see from the link Vic posted they've now made metal pedals standard (nice to see a company realise their mistakes and fix them). I picked up some Melbourne made alloy pedals for mine for around 15 bucks and haven't had any problems since.
  19. I'm a Bike Ed instructor if you want me to give you some pointers. :p :LOL:
  20. Hey jd you ever ridden with club mud up at ballarat? They are an absolutly insane bunch of loonies. But a blast to ride with.