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I drop my right shoulder when riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sooty, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. It was pointed out to me today that I ride with my right shoulder dropped slightly.

    Apart from possible fatigue and pains - could it explain why I'm so biased towards right hand bends, since I've already half 'dropped' into them?

    How do I correct this??

    Is it because I need to give the bike more throttle compared to a larger capacity bike? Should I simply learn to slip my hand around the throttle more?

    I ride with arms bent/relaxed and hands soft on the bars.
  2. Could be all of those things combined, but have you considered that your bars may be slightly bent and you are shifting your body to compensate?
  3. No. I'll give them an eyeball tomorrow and see if they're straight.
  4. Geez mate that's pretty strange, i thought you meant dropping a shoulder in corners which is actually good form but just riding along i'd say thats quite strange indeed...
  5. were you a cool kid at school and always wore a full backpack on one shoulder, instead of both shoulders?
  6. Yeah :p But I rode the pushy and didn't have the same problem.

    It is strange, I must look like I suffer some kind of disability :p
  7. It's just a postural thing, I reckon...Correct it if you can, as it's best to be technically solid with your body position, if possible, but I I would'nt be too worried about it...I mean...everyone has a quirk or two, that could do with correction, but otherwise has no real effect on their riding.

  8. Or start racing and come to WA. You'll clean up at Wanneroo :wink: .

    Only one real left-hander.
  9. I went for a strap around the traps and paid attention to my posture. Kept the right shoulder up as if I was shrugging but when really it was keeping it normal. Felt a lot better, seemed I was putting a lot of the control onto my left hand before.

    Thanks for the replies. Goes to show that even the smallest things can effect the ride.
  10. put the todger on the left