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I drive like a motorcyclist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. My girlfriend reckons that I park my car like a motorcylist: quickly and badly, with wheels jutting out everywhere. She'd know, too: her brother and her dad are riders.

    This time last year I was 100% on the motorbike instead of the cage. Then the bike stopped working and I had to drive the car everywhere.

    A couple of times in really nasty traffic I found myself pulling left or right in the car to split past traffic ... then stopping and realising that I'm in something nearly two meters wide, instead of a couple of feet.

    Anybody else had these bike withdrawal symptoms?

    Oh yeah. How much do you reckon a new carbi for a Suzuki Across would cost? I'm sick of not having a bike. Every time I'm on the Monash at rush hour I wish I was splitting camly past the soccer mums and bored businessmen instead of being stuck at 10 kph.
  2. Been accused of driving like a motorcyclist....but mostly directed at my cornering in the car and the late braking coming up to the lights when I first got the car. I'd say its a compliment, it also means you are actually reading the traffic rather than cutting people off left, right and centre.
  3. I find sometimes when I drive I will place the car so that Im sitting over the middle of the lane :)
  4. ...let me see...

    - staying out of blind spots,
    - keeping space around me in traffic,
    - looking through corners,
    - looking left and right heading into intersections,
    - feeling paranoid about cars on the side of the road with right indicator blinking as I head towards them...
    - nodding at passing riders...
    - wishing I could split the heavy traffic...

    Oh yeah! I'm definitely a motorbike rider in the car :) ...mind you that's definitely not a bad thing...

    One word: "wreckers"


  5. I wouldn't pay anymore than $50 for it. Over that price and you could replace the whole bike - it's an Across after all :LOL:
  6. i drive like an asshole. i wish i could say i drive like a rider, but i dont ride yet, so im a fcuken horrible prick.

    i wish people did more than -300 in 60 zones.
    i cant stand it how people over here go slow in BOTH lanes (im talking 60 zones). seriously, nothing pisses me off more than when two fcuking morons are going 55 right next to each other and u cant pass.
    in germany, if you go 70 in a 50 zone, grandmothers will be tailgating you. i kid you not, it happened to me billions of times. another thing over there is overtaking. if you lag behind, you get overtaken and possibly eaten alive. its scary.

    death to cars, i want to give mine a viking funeral (push it, flaming, into the ocean)
    Piece of shit

    or swapping for damp cloth/used socks.
  7. Can be annoying

    Well, speeding Grandmothers is one good reason for me not to ride/drive in Germany :wink:

    Okkkkay.. Breath slowly, innn... ouut, innn... ouut, innn... ouut..
    Relax, think happy thoughts.... be calm :shock:

    NURSE!! NURSE!!!

    JJ (ooo Excel... Yuch :-& )
  8. hehehe
    happy thoughts arnt an option when driving a girls car
  9. True Manny... Very True. :D

  10. maybe you were the guy in the excel who looked like he was trying to drag me (on my 600) :D :D :D
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Gotta like that
  12. hi guys new to this stuff
    What is the best way to teach your missus how to ride a bike
  13. Does anyone know a good wreckers in west oz?
  14. whats wrong with it?
    do you need a new carb or just parts ?
  15. Get her to do a 2 day introduction course/learners that takes it nice and slow and teaches her how to do everything on a bike? The best way I found is to be taught in a logical way by a professional..then you don't get into bad habits (unless you want get into them! :wink: ). The courses are pretty non threatening and the best bit it doesnt matter if she drops the bike, cos it wont cost you a thing! :) Of course..she has to have an *interest* in riding :D

    As for driving like a motorcyclist....erm.. no.. on the bike I am pretty sedate in traffic, I just don't trust car drivers..get me on an open road though and that's a different story. In the car I am more aggressive in traffic and pretty sedate on open roads (I drive a girly corolla :roll: ). I pretty well much always headcheck in the car and *wish* I could lane split, but I don't forget that I can't. :)
  16. I thought that it needed to be a Volvo for a viking funeral... :LOL:
  17. groberts: I'm pretty sure it's stuffed. My bike's not starting, and whenever I take it in to get it "fixed" the mechanics invariably clean it out and then give me the bike back "working".

    The bike then works fine for the day, sort of OK the next day, and then won't start at all.

  18. I drive a bus with work and have found that trying to lane split in a bus can get you into alot of trouble!!!
    Also, you can't counter steer :oops:
  19. Could be a lot of things, not simply the carbs! It could be something to do with running rich, the spark plugs could need a change, the air box may be clogged (whcih would lead to a lot of unburnt fuel & running rich). My old bike had really old spark plugs - clean them on Sunday, by Wednesday it was struggling, and by Thursday it wouldn't start again. replaced the plugs and all was fine.