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I dreamed an accident - forewarned is forearmed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by flashfire, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I had a dream last night.

    I was travelling along a main street in a semi-built up area (shops etc) on my spada, when I saw a red ute with silver tray in a LHS side street (who says you don't dream in colour?). He didn't see me and started to turn right, directly into my path. I was about 10m from the intersection when I realised what was happening. My spada brakes are crap.

    I don't know what happened after that.

    So, given this hypothetical situation - what would you do? Would you emergency stop, or would you open up the throttle and get out of there, or would you do something else?
  2. o yeah - I will always be looking out for a red ute from now on!
  3. i would start flying... it's a dream after all :)
  4. I'll be in my red ute looking out for a spada :shock: .
  5. I don't think there's an answer for this (too many variables - the problem with hypothesising).
    My nearest guess based on the above is to head for the rear of the ute, but whether you can do that depends on too many other things.

    The best answer I can give is to be ready for him & always try to have an escape route. Any MC rider should always be continually asking questions about other road users:
    How is the Ute moving?
    What is the body language/ driving attitude of the driver?
    Has he/ she seen me?
    MC should always expect the worst.

    The fact that you are having dreams like this shows that you are riding conscientously, which can only be a good thing. Perhaps a defensive riding/ driving course may help?
    I like to ride most of the time covering the front brake, just in case, and have seen more than my fair share of this sort of accident to treat junctions cautiously & with a bucketload of respect.

    Happy riding :)
  6. The list of alternatives is endless really...

    ...give the left handle bar a good shove and countersteer behind him...

    ...or let go of the handlebars sit up and jump vertically just at the point of collision. If the driver's side window is open you can dive through it and apply a Simpson-esque strangling move on the flight through the cabin...

    ...or jump on the rear brake, lie the bike down sideways on the road and slide through underneath the tray. The bike should take out the drives-shaft and any other undertray clutter clearing a path for you...

    Why weren't you covering the brakes and/or washing off speed in anticipation of this? :D
  7. My uncle has done this. Only it was a 'B double' with 2 trailers not a ute. It pulled out in front of him at a T-intersection so realising he couldn't counter steer away on his harley he applied the rear brake, laid her down and began sliding. The lucky bastard slide between the tyres(front and back) and came out the other side virtually unharmed.

    The truck driver hit the skids and stopped. He then proceeded to shit himself as an angry member of the Hell's Angels was now marching towards him looking very pissed off.
  8. If you know your brakes are lousy, slow down appoaching intersections.
    The trainer on my Ls course told us that one way to make sure people see you approach intersections is to wobble your bike, or you can flash your high beams.

    Just suggestions for not getting into this situation.

    It's really hard to make a suggestion. If you try to go behind him he may stop and you'll t-bone his tray.

    If you try to go in front of him, he may pull accros your path anyway.

    My L's instructor told us you should try to turn left.
    It's making the best of a bad situation. He probably won't go backwards so that may be the best place to head.
  9. :-s

    All the while you could be doing something more useful...
  10. Press the GOD button that turns your spada into a tank and just run over the ute... he should have been looking for you anyway!!!
  11. Well, it IS only a dream, so I'd be hoping that the part that you couldn't remmber ends up like that scene from ET where the bmx bike takes off and flies over the top of the police road block.

    But, if your'e asking advice as to what to do irl, I think nearly summed it up beautifully.

    I would, however, be mounting a heavy calibre machine gun on my handlebars and be out looking for that damn ute!
  12. Condolences to family and friends.............

    Sorry I was daydreaming again, what, where,who?
  13. I think you might be in the wrong thread, scooter!
    But then again, maybe not!
  14. What would I do? I'd already have expected him to pull out and be travelling slow enough to stop, or made an evasive manoveur (sp?) already. :p
  15. What would I do ?

    get these fixed ASAP !
  16. lol - thanks for all the suggestions guys! Solid advice and some hilarious moves too.

    As for my brakes - it's a spada thing. They're soft, with a single disc on front. Don't know what I could do to change it, really....
  17. Some believe our lives are predestined... Some believe we can influence outcomes.... what ever you believe is irrelavent....

    Be wary on the road, end of story..... Take your time and always be alert and ready.... Look away from the road for a moment - like the attractive girl in the car next to you - BAM, your down....

    My only advice, always ride defensively, leave space and time to arrive..... By doing that, you will always be ready.... no matter what you do or dont believe
  18. Sounds like something the missus would [does] say.
  19. Nothing wrong with a single-disk set up on a bike as light as the spada.

    Get your pads/discs checked and improve your braking technique!
  20. Softer brake compound and braided brake lines.