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I Drank Too Much Free Piss Last Night And Now I

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fuggit, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. why is it that when you chuck in the word free all normal thinking goes out the window :WStupid:

  2. Its better to have a hangover knowing it was free :D :D but yes , the word free changes people's personalities .
  3. free booze where where....TELL ME OR I'LL POKE YOUR EYES OUT WITH A CHOPSTICK
  4. :LOL: I did that last Thursday, free grog until the wee hours of the morning. Even managed to nick a bottle of white :p Didn't have to go to work the next day either :D
  5. All I can do is :LOL:
    Does it feel something like ](*,)
  6. oh i always drink too much whether it's free or not... but yeah agree always seem to be able to drink more when it's free 8-[
  7. ah Demaros the ol chopstick is what i must ave used last when i got home to eat what resembled tea
  8. the choopstick can be used for many things other then dinner......let the imgaination wander
  9. imagination thinking brain today no no no no good
  10. Simple yet so effective.
    Somehow managed a hot chocolate on the house at Magic City, Camberwell last night.
    Cool. 8)
  11. hhhmmmmmmmmmm hot chocolate
  12. Smooth and rich, but not too sweet.
    It was glorious... :D
  13. oh mate. *sympathy*

    When I was living in Whistler, Canada my favourite pub (The Brewhouse) had a "locals appreciation night" and were giving away shooters and beer for 3 hours. Since two of my buddies were behind the bar that night and I was playing host to some visitors from Australia, I got round after round after round of "Golf Carts" - some melon liquer shite and maybe amaretto. o my god.

    Now, I'm one of those chicks who can be made sick from alcohol before she's even drunk. My body rejects poisons all too efficiently. I'm a spewer.

    Sad but true. But it's always well contained with plenty of advance warning, and I can hold my hair back without assistance, so the whole spewing procedure is under control.

    Anyway, I had at least 17 shots in 2.5 hours. At one point I was groping an aquaintences man-boobs thinking how hilarious it was. When he started groping back, my friend behind the bar handed me a tall glass of water and told me to have a think about the situation. Solid advice.

    Went home and spent the entire next day learning about lining of my digestive system. It's orange, in case you're wondering.

    Never again.
  14. Homer touring the Duff factory?
  15. eeewwww Flash, memories of sleeping in Army Barracks, and things that happened when the lads came home late at night after sinking a few.
    At Puckapunyal in the 70s the pub in Seymour closed at 10:00pm, and there was nowhere else to buy booze, but by then the boys had the munchies. There was only one shop open in Seymour at that time of night, so off they went.
    It really makes a great start to your day to wake up, look over the side of the bed and see a stone-cold steamed dim-sim, or a slice of pizza on the floor (not to mention.......)