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I don't think this is what's meant by "Naked Bike"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hornet, May 19, 2014.

  1. I recently toyed with getting another VFR-750, with original paint (mine isn't), and swapping my nice components across and selling my bike, but I really couldn't justify the expense, and, to be honest, I couldn't be bothered with all the work necessary to do it. So I decided to strip my bike and take the parts to Zion Bikes and get a good quality paint job done. I dropped the stuff off on Saturday morning, met James, who said in about the second sentence of the conversation, "You're Hornet, aren't you?"
    Anyway, in the mean time, my bike is embarrassingly naked in the garage :LOL:

    naked VFR.
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  2. Looks like it's in real good nic
  3. The bike itself is in great condition, it's not been crashed, although it has been repainted a couple of times, I got it with just 85,000 kays on the clock ('95 model) so lightly used, and it had polished rims, a Staintune pipe and Ventura rack. I paid $3,600 for it as an eBay purchase, from a guy in Chipping Norton. I've added about 25,000 kays in two years, and Oxford grips.
    I love the colour it was painted, Honda's Candy Tahitian Blue, same colour as my old Hornet, and often seen on Blackbirds, but not a stock colour for VFRs, but it was a very average paint job, so I'm getting it re-done in the same colour. I can't wait to see it.
    In the mean time I'm going to do some cleaning and polishing of the stuff that lives under the fairings and covers and is not usually seen. Just because I'm like that :).
    Also note, you lot, that being the person who picks on messy garages/workshops in other people's pictures, I was very careful to make sure mine at least looks tidy. As to the crack in the floor, that was there when I bought the house :(.
  4. Hornet, you sound just as fussy and pedantic as I am.
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  5. Where do I look? All those uncovered nudie bits! ;)

    How much is the full respray costing you?
  6. James quoted me between $800 - $900. This was before he saw the parts; when I took them to him on Saturday he said there was no nasty stuff that would take a lot of extra work, just a bit of plastic welding, and painting. I should add that I supplied a brand new left middle fairing panel, which only requires painting.

    I have had other more expensive quotations, up to $2,000, but for a 20 year old bike with 110,000 kms in the clock, I can't justify spending that amount of money.

    Zion Bikes has been mentioned here in a specific thread, and, of course, gongrider, David, who bought my Hornet, had it repainted by James about two years ago. If you find his thread I'm sure you'll be impressed at the job he did.
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  7. That's cheap! I've heard of tanks alone (with standard flat colour paint, no repairs) costing $800. Nice! :D
  8. Hi Paul,

    When are you expecting to get all the bits back and "redress" the VFR? I assume you'll post pics.
  9. When I dropped the bits off on Saturday, James said to give him a call in two weeks; realistically I'm hoping it will be finished in three weeks, he DID say he was very busy this week.
    I will, of course, post pictures of the final results. In the mean time I'm investigating the cost and availability of either the genuine decals, or accurate replicas....
  10. Paul,

    There is a bunch of riders that I ride with who have VFRs and they have accumulated a lot of knowledge between them. They are know as OzVFR and I belong to the forum (emails etc). Locally (Aust east coast and the odd NZ member) they also have a facebook page which I'm not on, but it may be worth your while getting involved. There is no cost and you participate as much or as little as you like. We also organize the odd ride.



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  11. Hi Col
    I'm on ozvfr.net, as opposed to ozvfr.net.au. I'll check out the other site, thanks :)
  12. @Bandit01@Bandit01, are you on the actual forum? Or just the email list? I've heard that the FB page is full of old-timers biatching at each other, so I haven't joined that: I don't have the history with most of them (I know a few of the Melb guys, and I've been to the track with Kirby, AB, Darren and Roy, but that's about it), so witnessing other people's arguments and sh1t-slinging without the background to join in sounds like it would be a bit boring. ;)
  13. Colin I think that link is wrong, it's just a couple of pictures on a page.

    The Administrator on ozvfr.net is ending his involvement in June, according to the banner at the top of the home page. I'm guessing that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes, too.....
  14. Yes, Insane is giving up the reigns. There are details being worked out for a new admin. Heck, I nearly dobbed myself in for becoming a moderator by saying something intelligent and (shick horror!!!) SENSIBLE!!! :eek:
  15. Danny and Paul,

    I'm on the email list and also on the forum where the WA based administrator is pulling the plug (though find the forum of little value). Danny the 'east coast guys' include Kirby, AB, Darren and Roy and a good number of others. The email forum is worthwhile as well as the rides. I don't have a facebook account so don't participate on it.

    There is no sh..t slinging on the email forum though notice that the WA administrator was pulling the plug was mentioned. Overall they're a good bunch of blokes.
  16. Yes, I just read the whole thread and the whole sorry saga. I think the fact that there's a new model coming is very relevant to the forum continuing, and, to be honest, from a user point of view, the old vBulletin is pretty nice.
    Oh, and Danny, I read your contribution :LOL:
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    Last edited: May 20, 2014
    Paul, do you mean "cows may come and go, but the BULL goes on forever!"? ;)

    Colin, yeah, the guys I've met seem good. Maybe the tales of sh1t slinging might just be people musunderstanding banter between the Sydney guys. I'll have to have a look for myself. ;)
  18. Watching this one closely to see how the paint job comes out....
  19. The OzVFR server isn't responding, and hasn't for a few hours. Maybe it has had a bullet put in its head.
  20. Working for me this morning......