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I don't ride anymore.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jym, May 9, 2011.

  1. I was riding into work the other night, (Commuting is lame, I know) and I suddenly realised I wasn't actually riding.
    I was sitting atop my bike, it was moving, it was cornering, it was braking and accelerating all without me.
    Then it dawned on me, I don't ride a motorbike anymore.
    As soon as I realised this, I got this great sensation as if I was flying. Not man and machine, just...flight. There was nothing around me, there was nothing in my way. I couldn't even feel my helmet on my head.

    Similar experiences anyone?

  2. that's some powerful stuff you're smokin' :LOL:
  3. Youre at one with your iron steed liege! Keep up the good smoke!
  4. I get this - to quote myself from another thread recently:
  5. I want some!! :rofl:
  6. ...damn what ever you're smoking, pass it along!
  7. When you and the bike become one, its what its all about,
    Every thing is automatic,
    Then you get to look around and enjoy your surroundings as you flick past,
  8. Right on brother!
  9. That's a brilliant sensation, I live for it. It comes and goes for me though, and I've found if I go looking for it it's elusive, so I've learnt to just enjoy the ride and let it come to me.

    What's your riding history Jym?
  10. The first bike I ever rode was an R6, back before I got my licence. It belonged to a mate of mine. Then I got my licence and picked up a cheap ZR750, took it down to a deserted road in the middle of the night out on the Gold Coast country roads with the mate that had the R6. Wanted to see what the ZR could do, and got pinged doing 185 on an 80 road. Made the mistake of turning my head to see if the cop was gonna chase me or not. When I turned back around again I was facing a barricade, I panicked, lost control and threw the bike away. Slid for god knows how far then came to a stop without any major injuries. Cop then came up to me informed me my bike was in a billion pieces. Had my licence cancelled for 2 years.
    Recently got it back again, picked up a CBR250R MC19, got my full licence and just bought one of the new CBR250R's with Fuel Injection, but no ABS, since I didn't wanna have to wait, and have to pay more money, AND change the habit to start braking with my foot.

    That pretty much sums up my history.
  11. So the media is right to tar us all with the same brush and suddenly we're all drug-dealing bikies? I ask because there seems to be a high circulation of the stuff on NR at the moment.... :LOL: (waits for one of its users to respond: mattb, you're just not getting it)
  12. hey Jym, that's an interesting initiation into riding; a lot more dramatic than mine :LOL:

    I know what you mean, though, it's just a pity that those sorts of days seem to be far outweighed by the ordinary days, or even the ones where you have the distinct feeling that you should have stayed at home.....
  13. Actually I'm not getting it. What on earth are you talking about?
  14. I think matt thought I was serious with the 'what you're smoking' comment. i wasn't, sorry to have created confusion (there was an lol attached)
  15. Don't worry Matt - if you're not getting it, I know a guy down your way...
  16. Hi Jym,
    Mate, on the topic of flying, it sounds like you're entering the 'Flight Levels' mate, a region where many a 'pilot' wishes to reach in his/her early days. You're gelling with your machine and that's awesome.
    I find on certain rides I forget I'm even on a bike and start calling 'modes' or most efficient 'track-shortening' options...but then remember to bring myself back to earth...and concentrate !
    One of our esteemed members created a post here not too long ago, which serves as a good reminder to us all. Not saying you fall into this 'region' by any means...just something to think about and your post immediately sprung this to mind :


    Great to hear you're back on 2 wheels - colourful history too (y)
  17. Wow, and wasn't my response to that thread an omen?!
  18. I often hear people talk about freeway riding being boring. They want to go ride the GoR, but, using the freeway to get there is just too boring. I often find myself just chilling and totally enjoying the moment. I'd rather be on my bike (commuting, on a freeway, whatever) than in the cage, or just about anywhere else. Sure, riding the twisties is great fun, but riding ANYWHERE is just plan amazing.

    Such a great sensation when you just click into your bike and everything feels great! - then there's the gumby days :cry:
  19. I find that sort of sensation often comes when riding at night, heading down the road to the coast.
  20. No, I saw the lol. Smoke was the first thought that came humourously to my mind too. :)

    To shrink my mind, or to expand it?