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I don't really ride naked

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by thenakedrider, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. ... but love the idea of it. ;)

    Hello everybody, looks like we have a great community of riders here - old and new. Love the fact that members are so helpful.

    As for me, I am total newbie. Just got my Ls. Thinking of buying the CB500XA. I live and work in Sydney CBD. The bike will be used primarily for rides on the weekends and during holidays.

    I have a few questions:
    i) I was just wondering if it is safe to park on the street at night as I don't have access to a proper parking space. I might buy a Kryptonite disc lock as a deterrent.

    ii) Do I need to buy a cover for protection against the elements - rain/dust/hail/harsh sunlight?

    iii) Are there any quiet streets in/around CBD that are ideal for a beginner to practice during the first few days?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great weekend. :)


    The Naked Rider
  2. i) No.
    and Kryptonite U locks are easily removed, u tube it. So put a disc lock in rear wheel and run the reminder cable up to the frame otherwise you may forget about it yourself.
    ii) Kinda, more because it disguises identity of bike
    iii) No. Best off heading out to the 'burbs and looking for empty carparks and, get out to the Homebush learning practices if you can on a Saturday arvo.
    cheers Fred :)

    oh, and you'll love the CB500X, great bike very forgiving and plenty of get and go. I had a CBR500R myself. Having said that, there is a whole bunch of new 300's from the big 4 Jap companies, and the KTM 390 has the best power to weight around and is a fantastic machine, Good luck choosing a new bike !
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  3. Appreciate your reply... thanks, Mudfrog. I meant Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock. Should've been more specific... sorry :) I understand that even this is a mere deterrent. I guess I'll have to rely on insurance and luck.

    I've read that KTM 390 is a great bike for beginners but many have reported quality issues. As for the other 300s, I will test ride a couple before deciding. I will certainly get to the Homebush sessions after a few days of riding. Very excited. :D
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate.

    I know quite a few 390 owners (one myself). All issues have been self inflicted either through falls or fitting aftermarket power units. Don't believe everything you read on the net. Only the bad gets discussed.

    Have fun searching for your bike.
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  5. Welcome to the group.
  6. I've got a cheap efi cbr250r with only 5700 Klms in it if your looking for a bike mate
  7. Welcome mate :cool:
  8. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
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  9. #9 thenakedrider, Aug 21, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
    GeorgeO, loubre, basejumper, 69SIM, Eric, Thank you :)

    Truth be told, all I want the bike for is to go on long rides. Eventually, I want to go touring on the weekends. Which is why I decided to go for a LAMS-certified and beginner friendly bike that:
    i) has a reasonable fuel tank size (17ltrs+)
    ii) allows the rider to sit upright
    iii) can be comfortable after fitting a fuel tank bag and/or panniers, etc.
    iv) is naked so that I wont have to worry about damaging the fairings when dropped
    v) can be taken off-road, if required
    vi) has ABS brakes

    Pretty far out planning for a beginner, I know but you gotta start somewhere. I really would love to test ride the 390 Duke before settling on a bike. The nearest dealer appears to be in St Peters. Nice. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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  10. I had mostly the same criteria for my first and now, second bike as well with exception of naked and off road.
    My CB500R handled dirt roads fine but I didn't go hard core enduro riding with it. Oggy Knobs fitted to minimise damage from drops..
    The CB 500s range will all easily fit a Ventura luggage rack system, a tank bag as well and get around 400kms from a tank when on long rides (I know, been there) and are reliable, fuss free great bikes.
    Good resale too... for when you move up later.
  11. Checked out a Youtube video on Oggy Knobs - didn't know these things existed. Good info.

    Good to know about Ventura luggage racks - thanks heaps, Mudfrog
  12. No worries, and just a few pics here to show how much crap you can fit and still ride comfortably... here's one I prepared earlier :)

    My dome swag in pics as well.

    Touring (1).

    Wingello forest in Belangalo

    Touring (3).
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  13. Whoa! That's a lot more luggage than I had in mind. BTW, does stacking that much luggage so high not affect stability of the bike, especially at turns?
  14. Nah, higher than it looks and the whole lot weighs less than 30 kg. Consider motorbikes can carry you and a pillion for a combined weight of about 150 kgs, and I weigh all of 68 kgs...
  15. That's good to know :) Thanks, Mudfrog.
  16. gday thenakedriderthenakedrider and welcome to NR - quite a few naked riders around here
  17. G'day Chilliman. Thanks for the warm welcome. Good to know there are other naked riders around here. Been reading some of the threads on Netrider. Great to be here. :)
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  18. hey mate, here's the learner lessons MudfrogMudfrog mentioned => Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)

    here's a little posting tip for you, if you mention a member's name in a post and you want to alert them so they will make comment type the @ symbol at the front of their username. then when you post they will receive an alert - see the bell shape at the top right hand of screen thenakedriderthenakedrider ?
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  19. Bookmarked and tip noted. Thanks, chilliman64chilliman64 :)
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  20. nice!