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I don't like scooters

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gix750, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I am really starting to dislike scooters. I didn't mind them at first but now they are like a fashion accessory's. They are like the other extreme of motorcycling. On one side you have the Harley gangs, now on the other extreme, you have the scooter brigade.
    Is scooter riding perceived to be so safe that no form of safety gear is needed except for a helmet. This trendy bullshit just makes me want to throw up.
    I'm certain that I will learn to hate more about them, but it's all I can come up with at this time.

    What are other peoples opinion about scooters.

  2. I like 'em. (I even own one - a Yamaha Majesty.)

    I don't like some people who ride them, but I dislike riders of chook-chasers more. (Or maybe that's "I dislike more riders of chook-chasers"?)
  3. Hi Gix, I commute into the city every day and there are certainly more of them all the time. The riders are as varied as those on bikes. In the spot where I park there is a rider who fully gears up for their ride home and then there is another guy who wears a suit and just dons a helmet and off he goes. Mind you, anything that I can think of that a scotter rider has done that annoyed me I have seen bike riders do as well.
  4. I had a scooter for a little while before i got my bike....
    I can't hate 'em, it got me on a bike!

    But what REALLY gets me about scooters is just this 1 dude I see everymorning riding some 50cc heap. Weaving in and out of lanes like he's invincible... squidding in a T and open face helmet..

    But I kinda laughed on monday when I saw him - with road rash on his right arm and a damaged scoot... STILL SQUIDDING.
  5. Here are some reasons why you should learn to love scooter riders:

    - any scooter rider is a potential future bike rider.
    - any scooter rider *already* isn't driving their car - they might own one, but right now they are not driving it, thus posing less danger to you.
    - any scooter rider is potentially and hopefully a better, more considerate car driver, because they learn first-hand what it's like to be in traffic on two wheels.
    - the difference between scooters and bikes is becoming less and less pronounced - bikes are starting to adopt automatic transmission, scooters are becoming more and more like sports bikes (have you seen Gilera Nexus? I wouldn't mind one of these myself...) I believe this trend will continue.
  6. I thought of another thing to dislike about scooters. The Girls love them, it easy to get a girl on the back of a scooter. I have been trying to get my wife on the back of my bike for ten years do you think she would come, no but I bet if I had a scooter she would. I think I maybe showing a tinge of green.
  7. Indeed, point the first being the most important; scooter riders often become bike riders.
    As for them squidding, so do plenty of bike riders, and as long as protective gear isn't compulsory (and after, too, I'll bet) criticising it ain't going to change it....
  8. I am just expressing an opinion I am not saying I am right.
  9. I would love to have a scooter to zip around on.
    The only thing i don't like about them, is that "many" scooter riders think they don't need to dress to ride. They just seem to stick a helmet on and thats it.

    At the end of the year when we get the total on 2 wheeled fatalities, how many will be scooter riders not dressed to ride???

    I don't like squids no mater what they ride.
  10. Amen to that! I bought a Maj after a liftime of bike ownership. First ride was two-up from Brisbane to Melbourne. No worries. 120km/h and handled the main roads easy! I'd never get rid of the bikes, but I have room for a scooter in my life.
  11. know what you're saying gix750. i also in theory know all the reasons i should like'em, but then again, i know i shouldn't discriminate against any members of the dog community, but i can't deal with the chiwawa in the handbag thing :LOL:
  12. Actually very few. The stats show that scooter riders are safer than bike riders. I'd be more worried about "un-riders".
  13. Is that because there is not as many scooter riders vs bike riders?
    Or because they dont seem to travel long distances Nor at a high speed?

    Im curious now.
  14. Hey gix, differing opinions is what makes this site fun, no offence taken, I hope?
  15. Hornet 600 I have thick skin it goes well with my thick head.
  16. Big thumbs up on this.
  17. No, talking percentages - in real terms. Maybe less kms and lower speeds. Or maybe they are just better riders. :).

    BTW, I wish there was more distiction between scooters and "maxi-scooters". The T-Max is as much a "real" motorcycle as most other 2-wheelers.
  18. I would rather have my nuts put in a vice then ride an auto bike, where is the fun is that.
  19. It is a bit like Crossovers Vs Real 4WDs and now you can't find a diecent SWB 4WD because everything has become a Hybrid.

    Luckaly I can't see HC motorcycles heading in that direction, but then again there was a day i would have said that of HC SWB 4WDs (Acronym city)
  20. I used to ride a Guzzi Convert (automatic). And it was definately better than the nuts-in-a-vice option!