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I dont like choppers, but this one I make an exception

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by c0rrupt, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I'm not really into custom choppers but this one blew me away... in fact, if i was going to buy one this is the one i'd get.

    I can't seem to figure out how to show directly in the thread to make it easy to view, but if someone knows how, please do it.


  2. I wonder if that 3.9 bar indicator is just there for show.
  3. I like it.
  4. agreed, looks the bees knees

    confederate are the ones that make customs for the likes of brad pitt etc
  5. Where do you sit? Which direction does it go? :p
  6. Thing looks like a cross between an Apache helo and a full on drag bike....
    Weird but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,weird.......
  7. I like the fuel tank :D
    Rest of the bike looks like something you make from a lego kit..
    Is it just me or do these things have absolutely no range? They have huge V twin engines but seemingly ~4-5 litre fuel tanks? Guess the people that ride them probably don't go too far. But still, function over form :D
  8. that looks awesome.
  9. Maybe not the show bikes, but next time you're in a newsagent's, have a flick through The Horse and see if you can find a write up on the Stampede or the Long Road events. Some chop riders do cover distance.
  10. It's 4-5 gl which equates to about 14-16 lt
  11. Just bolt on a plastic safari fueltank. XD
  12. Sorry, but I think it's ugly,,, & I like Choppers!!!
  13. Looks different thats for sure, but it'd be ruddy uncomfortable. You'd have numb butt in 5 mins and be in pain in 10.
  14. I read a thread on ADVrider with some ElectraGlide Harley... The guy had stickers from about 100 countries on the back and close to 500,000 miles on it :-s
  15. That thing is beautiful. Appreciate the work for what it is.
  16. Read an article a while back in (AMCN?) and they said the bike is actually pretty usable. Seat isn't an issue, good ergonomics, friendly torque-monster engine, and decent handling. Clever stuff too, like the way the front suspension arrangements movement is utilised to pump fuel to the carberettor.

    I'd have one for sure.

    - boingk
  17. Does that mean it will stall if there are no bumps?

    Not that you're ever going to run into that problem in this country though.
  18. It looks like a harley f*cked a high tech toaster.
  19. Not my style at all.
  20. I remember reading something about it, thinking the same thing. They say that even minimal suspension deflection is enough for the system, so as long as there is a rider and a road there isn't an issue apparently. Have a look at your front forks when riding, if you can, and you'll notice they do jitter around quite a bit even on smooth roads.

    On its looks, it is something you'll either like or hate IMO. Personally, I think it looks better without the black paint:


    - boingk