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I don't like 20/20 cricket..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. I don't like the 20/20 matches.
    Seems like just a bit of a "slog fest" with little tactics or game plan. Sort of like an American baseball version of cricket.
    Also I feel it's a varient of cricket that has been devised by the media rather than the sportsmen...notice how it's about as long as feature film.
    20/20 cricket is just a grab for cash by greedy media companies.

  2. It is a slogfest.
    It was designed by the media.
    Thats what drew a 60,000+ crowd to the "G" on Sunday night.

    I enjoyed the game and I haven't watched cricket for near on 20 years now.
  3. Melbourne folk must be very bored..
    Next you will be telling me that Big Brother is quality television.. :grin: :grin:
    Big tip Vic...never confuse popularity with quality. The plebs will watch anything..eg. televise an exection from China and watch the telecast break all rating records.
  4. All cricket is boring as batshit.

  6. agreed
  7. Put on a spectacle and they will come with money in their hands to watch.....
  8. real cricket is the most brain numbing boring thing you could ever watch/play. tactics, ur dreamin, most the time the batsmen is suprised at which direction the ball went and that he actually connected. ricky pontin - mr cricket, absolute clown, 20/20 is the only for of cricket there should be.
  9. Batshit...ha ha.
  10. I like that 20/20, it's like they take all the good stuff and cram it into 20 overs.
    test cricket is crap.
  11. I don't like cricket, oh no i love it
  12. Test, one day and twenty20 are all great forms of the game. I love cricket, it's a sport that's not fueled by drugs and violence.
  13. I can't even watch one day cricket because it's not real cricket.

    It's pointless watching anything but the last 2 overs of one day cricket, so why would 20/20 be any different?
  14. I like 20/20 but its a different game to test and 50 over cricket.
    There are tactics, field restrictions and pressure on both sides the whole game.

    Bring it on...........
  15. I love 20|20 games, they are fast and full of excitement. As for being a Slog fest, its a skill to be able to hit that many big shot so quickly - so there is technique :) . And for the Media show, without the ability to draw in people the players wouldnt be paid so much = no one wants to play anymore = australian sport disappearing.

    But this is coming from a girl who cant bat and deffinately can not feild! I dont even know the rules prop. But i love to watch the game :p
  16. The traditionalist view when Limited Over cricket first came in was that it would ruin the skills required for the longer game of Test Cricket. And the demise of 3-day and 5-day matches in England certainly seemed to sap the more disciplined skills in the English players for many years.

    What has happened, long-term, it that the skills required to amass a good score quickly in one-day matches has led to a speeding up of the scoring rate in Test Matches, and far more positive and exciting 5 day games. 20-20 has a more compressed, but same, effect. The number of Test Matches DECIDED in recent years has vastly exceeded the many dull draws of the 50s and 60s.
  17. 20/20 and one dayers don't float my boat, but i accept that they are probably required to get some more money into the sport so that the test matches can go ahead.

    a sport that goes for 5 days for a match? brilliant.
  18. waedwe beat me to the 10CC 'Dreadlock Holiday' joke, alas.

    Three excellent, rivetting test matches this summer, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    My takeaway message from the responses in this thread: 20/20 is cricket for people who don't really like cricket.
  19. Agree completely Paul. I was a bit cynical when 20/20 was intrioduced but it's developed as a legitimate form of the game. All three styles have their own intrinsic value. But when you look at Test cricket now, it's vastly improved because of the limited overs games.

    I've been to the Vic/SA and Vic/WA 20/20 games this year and enjoyed them both thoroughly. They are a very tactical form of the game and extremely entertaining.

    Interesting that it's the old farts who think it's been a good thing... :LOL:
  20. Good point.
    20/20 cricket is for folk who just like lots of "colour and movement" and have very little understanding of the real game.
    It's like baseball on a cricket pitch. I'm amazed they haven't changed the term "runs" to "homers".
    Keep the greedy media money men in suits away from cricket.