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I don't know what I want, but I want it now

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. So one of the things that I have noticed about myself over the past few years is that I can be incredibly impulsive, and even more impatient. Two particular traits that I attribute my arrival in my current situation to.

    For whatever reason, I have decided that I want to buy an MR2. An sw20, to be specific. The turbo one. With a targa roof. In black. Similar to this one, perhaps with the omission of that distasteful exhaust.[​IMG]

    Now not only do I not have ~15k lying around, but I also do not particularly need a car, nor do I really WANT a car, not to mention the costs involved in running and owning one.

    I can't be alone in this. Post your miscellaneous wants. And convince me its a bad idea. I was going to and look at one earlier on today...
  2. jeez, I would if I could, and I'm a long way from being a post-pubescent rice-boy :LOL: (Not saying you ARE, by the way :).)

    Miscellaneaous wants? I want a Mazda Six. Any model, I don't particularly care, but if give me the choice, a mustard-yellow Hatchback would do just nicely

    oh, and world peace, of course :LOL:
  3. I didn't know you were running for Mis Universe!

    What makes this even more strange, is that I generally favour Euro cars over Jap ones. But I must admit, there is a much better price/performance balance with jap cars. And the MR2 is MM/RWD...

    But you're supposed to be talking me OUT of this.
  4. hey, I'm not on the Devil's side, but sometimes I moonlight as his advocate :rofl:.
  5. Well, its working.

    If this happens it will be your fault.
  6. Nice car

  7. Yeah... Good weight distribution... light... enough donk to eat commodores for breakfast....

    Ahh god dammit! You're supposed to be helping me not want this blasted contraption. And quite frankly you are all doing a terrible job.
  8. You have a bike for performance, the only reason you should want a car is for the back seat. Either your single and you want a mobile motel or you have a family and need the room.
  9. I'm on my restricted license :(... and I am single, although that car has an engine where the back seat usually is.

    But its good you're talking me out of this. Unlike the rest of those cruel bastards!
  10. One of the only cars I honestly truly have respect for are Evo's. They are absolute weapons.
  11. Just don't fall off the boost or you'll be waiting ages for the damned thing to spool up again.
  12. .... get the car!!.... you know you want to...

  13. And there's one on car sales for a little under 10k. Its black, with a targa roof.

    Damn you all, stop encouraging me! Although, I should know better than to ask for this kind of help here :p. Its like asking the devil to talk me out of selling my soul.
  14. Buy yourself a track bike, it costs the same amount of money and if you cant ride it YET...........wait.:angel:
  15. Ooooh, my son had one of those and I got to drive it up Macquarie Pass one night, I was seriously in love from then on. Every time I see one (a REAL one, not the neutered Aussie version), my heart stats beating a bit faster.

    And, since we're talking about WANTS as opposed to NEEDS, I WANT one of these.

  16. Yep, you got it. We're all good at getting people to spend other people's money. :demon:
  17. to distract you from your car...

    I've had my Ls for about 4 weeks, and my brand new bike for 3 weeks...

    I desperately want a Speed Triple. Now. Not in 14 months, Now.
  18. 14 months =/= 36 months. Stupid Nathan Rees.
  19. get a Silvia.
    has a back seat..a REALLY little one, but still :)
  20. Ha. In the same way a Supra has a back seat. :p But they don't look bad if they're done tastefully. Unfortunately, most aren't.