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I don't have a licence...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Can't drive. Can't ride. For a little while anyway. :(

    Damn VicRoads medical board did not receive the annual medical report from my neurologist saying that I have been 'fit-free' for the past 12 mths and therefore am okay to drive/ride for the nxt 12 mths. (I have epilepsy which is controlled by meds - don't stress! These meds have worked for me for the past 2 yrs and they worked for me when I was on them as a teen).

    I sent the report to them 2 wks ago! And when I sent the damn thing I thought that I should send it via express post, just because it's so valuable to me - but I decided against it and now it's God knows where.

    My licence is cancelled as of today. :(

    I just got off the phone with them and did what they suggested - rang my neurologist who is going to write up another report and fax it through to them. Today.

    BUT, just because they receive it today doesn't mean it'll get processed today. Not sure how long it'll take but I let them know I'm stuffed wtihout a licence and asked kindly if they would please process it asap.

    AND to think I was picking my bike up tomorrow after 7wks off it. Was soo looking forward to that.

    Oh well. I was having trouble getting the riding boot on my left foot anyway - lol. And perhaps it's a blessing in disguise?
  2. Lets assume it happened for a reason.

    Hopefully it will be processed quickly - just concentrate on it only being a few days more after 7 weeks of waiting.
  3. That's what I'm doing phizog. I've been so keen to get back into it, but at the same time I've had a 'feeling' in my gut that I should probably wait a little longer..foot still gets swollen and I'm not sure how I'd go commuting anyway. I'd rather start riding at a lesser pace in less stressful surroundings (backroads of PI etc until I feel right on the bike again). Now I no longer have to decide.
  4. That sucks, Rosie!

    Bloody typical; all the important stuff gets lost in the mail.
    My folks shot off a cheque to their super fund provider just before end of financial year to make use of some sort of contribution/tax-breaky/thing - it got lost in the post so they missed out :(
    Thanks Aus Post... they'll miss out on an extra $10k they would have otherwise had for retirement now.

    So yes, registered/express post for important stuff, people - otherwise Murphy's Law takes over and it gets lost.

    ... yet all our frickin' bills ALWAYS arrive EXACTLY ON TIME! :p
  5. goodluck getting well enough to ride & get your damn licence back .. :wink:
  6. They just won't be able to claim it for the last financial year...
  7. lol...mean1, I thought you'd misspelt 'breath' (breif). I reread my post and thought 'yeah, I need to take a few deep breaths'.... haha.
  8. oh totally suck balls :mad:
    hope u get ur licence back soon
  9. Oh buggery bug. I was about to give your bike an extra clean before you arrived tomorrow, in anticipation of the long-awaited reunion. Special occasion, it should look its sparkly best for ya and all :)

    I was somewhat surprised that you were planning to come get it so soon, so yes, perhaps this is serendipitous.

    Till next time.
  10. lol Cheng. I was just writing an email to you.

    Not being able to ride is nothing compared to not being able to drive. I'm stuffed if I know how Im going to get around with the kids and to uni and back every day. Hope they process it soon. Not game to drive without it.
  11. Can they issue some sort of temporary license once they receive the documentation? Maybe request to have a note placed in your file that yes, it has been received and initially approved, it's just going through formal processing etc.

    May be wishful thinking with vicroads though :p :( That sucks Rosie. Hope there's a way around it somehow.
  12. I could try, but highly doubt it. But I'll try! Wont hurt to. lol.
  13. oh no. :evil:

    Time for introductions,

    Rosie, meet "Red Tape". "Red Tape", this is Rosie. I feel for you. Any regulatory body seems to have it's own breed of Red tape and incompetancies.

    Hope you've got it back before the 1st!!

    Are you able to get to Uni or is it "distance Education" untill you get teh license? What is the public transport like down your way?

    Hope you've got it back before the 1st!!
  14. Doesn't mean they get paid on time :wink:

    Rosie, sounds like a blessing in disguise as far as riding is concerned, you'll have a chance to get a bit more healed up :) Still a pain in the butt, though not being able to drive. If I couldn't use my car, I'd be stoofed.

    Looking on the brightside, having to wait that bit longer will make getting back on your bike all the more sweeter \:D/
  15. More time to concentrate on the chick bike gear shop idea!.

    Had a few friends over the years with that issue, interesting to see how some react to the concept. Some got treated like potential mental patients, by people they THOUGHT were their friends.
    To others it was just another quirk.

    Wouldn't be the same without a story to show some people can spin news any way they want. Take a leaf out of this book.

    There was a state governor in the USA, that had a TV debate with an opponent just prior to the election.
    His opponent led with the 'fact' that the governor had ben an inmate at a mental facility for a year or so (in his past.).
    The governor didn't even flinch.
    He simply stated that he had a piece of paper that certified he was sane, and challenged his opponent to sit the same test. He then reminded him that if he failed the test, he would be firmly restrained, and become a patient until he could pass this test.
    The challenger backed down. The risk was too great. Imagine how many people we would agree may never pass such a test, and they are around us every day, They might even be running the country!

    Only a small percentage of people ever get tested for things like epilepsy. Who knows how many people are affected by this, but don't know. Or are never treated for it.
    Should be seen for what it is - treatable and manageable.

    Good luck with beauracracy!
  16. click!!
    it all falls in to place now, and makes sense in a 'joel' kinda way ;)
  17. What a pain, I hope it all gets sorted out quickly for you.
  18. Sorry about the shit sandwich Rosie.

    I don't think that you need a longer break from the VTR, I think it needs a longer break from you...it can only do so many Ks :p.
  19. geez Rosie

    I hope it gets sorted out soon for you

  20. Thanks guys. Fingers crossed it'll be sorted early this wk. I finally got the boot on my left foot last night so I reckon as soon as I get the okay from the medical board, I'll be giving Loz and Cheng a call. :cool:

    Also, I've had a bad feeling all wknd about what may have happened had I picked the bike up yesterday morning. Can't help but feel something would've gone wrong...I'm not overly superstitious but this feeling's really spun me. Am glad I didn't/couldn't get it.

    ps...Joel - At first I was confused about what you were talking about but now I think I know. :) Yeah. :)