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I dont deserve this!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. ARGH!!!
    riding to tafe this morning goin down a hill suddenly the bike stalled so i tryed to start it again and nothing... pulled over and i could not get it started. rang up my mate who knows bit bout engines and whats not and he reakons it is just flat battery. but till i know that for sure i am goin to be very concerend as the bank balance is already running low.... considering i have only had the bike for 3 weeks im a bit dissapointed.
    lukily i managed to roll to a petrol station and park there.

    what do u guys reakon symptoms are engine doesnt start.. doesnt roll over or anything. it has plenty of petrol and the lights still work but just makes a really quiet noise when pressing the starter. the enigne doesnt really make a noise i think its just all the parts trying to work but nothing does. all the lights on the dash still come on.

    anyway i will keep u posted.. let me know wat u think.
  2. if the lights are still fine it's probably not your battery. could just be your starter but i don't know why it would stall on you like that.
  3. Battery could be weakish - ie, runs lights etc, but asking it to start the bike is just a bit much.

    You said it stalled on the down-hill... could it be fuel moved away from the pickup in the tank, and it just ran out [then you coasted with bike on and only battery running the lights until you could park]?
  4. Welcome to the joys of owning a motorised vehicle :( Battery could be flat, start motor could be knackered (tried roll-starting it)? An engine needs fuel, air and a spark in order for it to work. If it is getting all of these, then check the above. Was the engine making any sounds or doing anything odd just before it happened? Hope you haven't overcooked it or anything.
  5. First place I'd start looking would be the electrics.
    did it splutter/run rough/ start missing? Or did it just die suddenly?
    If it died suddenly, if the starter is not turning it over, then you're more likely to have an ignition/charging problem, even if there is enough juice to light up the instuments and headlight (is it dull?).
    Take a look at the battery terminals and clean/reconnect them. If the charging circuit is fried you'll be up for a few bucks, but it could be far worse...
  6. Most likely battery. Like on a car if the battery dies/no longer holds a charge then it may not be enough to run your bike. Or the alternator may be stuffed and not being able to charge your battery. Try a jump start and go from there.
  7. One question: the quiet noise you mention, is it a rapid ticking/clicking noise when you press the starter button?
  8. Is the battery old? Had you previously been doing anything to run it dow (lots of short trips, left ignition on with bike stopped etc..) If the answer there is no, I'd be thinking about changing the ignition coil. :)
  9. does sound very battery related. best bet might be to just stick the battery on a charger and then give it a go.

    RAC/NRMA or whoever will give you a quick diagnosis.
  10. Kill switch? Like others mentioned it may be because the battery is weak. Try roll starting it and if that works then ride it around for a while to charge the battery.
  11. yes that was the sound
  12. life is not a democracy :wink:
  13. Sounds like the battery/ electrics related.

    When you say stalled, was it actually a stall, i.e., not enough gas, engine stops under load, or did it just cut out?

    On older bikes, I'd start to consider the side stand and clutch kill switches... the older they are, the more likely they'll operate intermittently.
  14. It is definitely electrical. The thing is that bikes use the smallest battery needed to turn the engine over, to save weight. So it could be the battery has just lost it charge

    Still for it to stall while riding it would be a bit more than that.

    Maybe some wiring issue with the alternator.
  15. That's a pretty good sign of a battery running very low on go-go juice (if you open the boot and clear it out, then try to start it again the noise should now be louder since the battery is located under the boot).

    If I had my bike and you were relatively local I'd lend you my battery charger so you could charge it up (or if your close and can get here). Be aware that running down a battery to the very last does harm it and even after being recharged it may not hold a charge that well (though generally it's after you run it down more than once).

    You could try to push or hill start it. Though if your not the strongest person I suggest you get somebody else to do it, another rider since they will know the controls better.

    1. Place bike in 2nd gear (generally you have to roll it forward a little to do this).

    2. Turn the bike on.

    3. Pull the clutch in and push it up to get some speed.

    4. Let the clutch out and push the starter button (giving it some throttle also helps) and at the same time quickly pull the clutch back in (you don't want the bike shooting away from you).

    It is much easier to do on a hill with you sitting on it, rather than running alongside, pushing it. Less chance of something going wrong as well.

    Although as others said it cutting out suddenly is weird (provided it wasn't revs getting too low or lack of petrol).
  16. well luckily i "broke down" at a petrol station with a mechanics in it.

    so when i finished tafe i went bak and had a word to a mechanic. awsome bloke really really helpful went out of his way to help me. and he rides bikes so that helps. he explained wat he thinks i did which is flood the fuel line. and he said that across's fuel tank rusts easily compared to some other bikes and because of where it is located on the bike (at the back) it rusts where the petrol goes through so this can interfer with the petrol being pumped through. so he said that i also prpobably flooded the engine when i was trying to start it again.

    so he turning fuel onto reserve and left it for a min or so then came back and it started 1st time. so he said if it happens again i shuld take the fuel tank out and clean it out.

    hope this make sense.... wat do u all reakon.. this sound like words of wisdom. anyway everything seems to be working fine now it idles perfectly and when u rev it sounds hot...

    anyway thanks for ure concern.
  17. Flooded the fuel line???

    Put it in reserve???

    Can't say I know an across's fuel tank, but in my GPX and ZX9R the reserve draws out of the bottom the tank... where more of the muck should be.

    The fuel scenario doesn't explain anything about the engine not turning over.

    ... but I suppose the mechanic didn't get presented with those symptoms.

    One thing about mechanics, is that they are NOTORIOUSLY POOR problem solvers. They don't apply logic...

    This is a typical standard mechanic chasing down a problem:

    "sounds like the battery mate...", replace battery... same problem...

    "well, wasn't the battery then... sounds like your plugs"... replace plugs... same problem...

    "wasn't the plugs then... well most likely it's the HT cables", replace cables... same problem

    "wasn't the cables then... well most likely it's the coil", replace coil... same problem

    "Well if it's not the coil, it's gotta be the starter motor solenoid", replace solenoid, same problem...

    "Well, you know what, I think you better take it to one of them mobs with a computer. Beats me!"
  18. the across' fuel tank is at the rear of the bike cause where most bikes have there tanks there is sorta like a boot where u can fit ure helmet. he explained to and it sorta made sense im not very mechanicaly minded so i hope wat he said was right.... but only time will tell..

    i felt a bit stupid though i was goin on about how i tryed everything to start it then he started it 1st time soo maybe it just needed time..
  19. That mechanic started the bike in one go after being presented with the problem. If he didn't apply logic he must have used magic.
  20. Fuel issues are common with the Across, the one had for a while was like that. Make sure you ALWAYS turn the fuel off if it's going to be standing for any length of time!

    battery issues can occur if you do lots of stop start short trip riding, pulls lot of current out to start it but not running long enough to build it back up!

    Could have been a bit of both!