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I dont care how bad your hair is, you're driving a car!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. To miss bimbo in the Holden Vectra WAK.412, point your face at the road infront of you, put your hands on the damn steering wheel, and drive your bloody car. STOP COMBING YOU DAMN HAIR WHILE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR.

    honestly, what is going through these people's heads?

    This occured on at about 5 pm southbound along Davies Rd, Padstow. If anyone else is usually around at that time, take note of the plate and avoid like the plague.
  2. yeah chicks and their make up annoy me too..
    I saw a guy shaving in his car once...I was instantly repelled
  3. Saw an older lady in a 4WD sitting behind me cause herself and everyone behind her to miss the green light because she was sitting there putting her face on. Didn't even see her look up once.
  4. You like beards?

    Oh...right - now I get it :LOL:
  5. My pet peeve is with women who play with their hair whilst attempting to control a 1 tonne plus of cage. Why do so many think that flicking their hair or rolling it around their finger whilst negotiating the peak hour madness is appropriate behavior? To me, it smalls of lack of concentration and I give 'em a wide birth.
  6. Er, i'm a man and do this with my hair... Does that mean I'm a caging murderer?
  7. I like to wax my chest when i drive. Tried the back but it seemed a little dangerous
  8. I generally keep a small can of cream in the fairing of my bike and shave on the way to work. It's usually a pain in the ass to get the razor under my helmet properly but if i tilt my head right up then it works a treat.

    Also, thank god for movember! Now I don't have to shave the hardest part of my face under my nose. Makes the morning commute just that little bit less stressful.
  9. i eat brekkie on the way to work in the cage, and like to munch down that full bowl of cereal and milk on the way. saves me heaps of time
  10. #10 Kreuzer, Nov 18, 2009
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    Mr Bean does it best of all:

  11. Yeah, im trying to grow my moustache out lol but next time im running late i might just whip out the lady shaver 5000 and give the armpits a quick going over.
  12. I got an angry tootle from a chick after I merged into her lane. I had been indicating for about 200m but she was texting the whole time but didn't notice me and I think I startled her when her head eventually came back to the road.