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"I didn't see him" who's heard that before?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mayhem, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Well it had to happen sooner or later, but i always planned my first 'off' to be me flying through the air with my bike on fire as i set the world record of the first person to break the sound barrier on a stock gs500e. Possibly jumping over a bus full of bikini clad supermodels at the same time. Obviously that would never eventuate, but a man can dream no?
    Unfortunately, reality once again shows it's ugly and somewhat painful head, and my first off was quite mundane and minus the bikinis.

    Normal clear night, no heavy traffic, riding down a 60km/h street just around the corner from my house. Two way street, cars parked either side but plenty of room for two cars to pass easily. Street lights present, no cars behind me but one ahead about 3 to 4 car lengths, one car coming opposite direction. The car in front slows down, i slow down so now doing about 50km/h. the oncoming car hits his indicators to turn right into a driveway. The car in front passes him, i had already set the brakes due to having slowed for the car in front (still by this stage about 3 car lengths ahead) and just give a little squeeze to take a fraction more speed off. Watching the oncoming car, who is still stationary, i get about 5m away and guess what happens next?
    Yes thats right netriders, the muppet pulls accross in front of me. Needless to say the brakes are hard on now, i feel the back wheel lock up. ah fcuk!!! Then smack! into the left front guard of his car, the force spins my bike to the left and i'm down. Now most people would have stopped their car by now having, maybe, just possibly realised that a collision has taken place, but no. Muppet continues to drive his car into his driveway, just missing my quickly retreating foot and scraping my now remodelled front end along the side of his car. hmmm makes you wonder.

    Anyway, i lay down for a second on the road next to charlie (the nickname my girlfriend gave my bike) check all my extremities and various appendages, and it seems that all are still functioning but somewhat in pain. ok i sit up. all systems go, sweet but yes definately feeling the pain from being smashed against the tar.

    I stand up, and take a look around. Try and move my bike cause there is traffic building up, start feeling the wobbles from shock then think ah maybe i might just take a bit of a seat on the grass next to the road then i will move the bike. Then i hear those magic and oh so special words, "i did no see him". Various emotions subdue that dizzy shock feeling and i unleash just about every swearword in my english (and french) vocabulary but due to the circumstances and my rush to get them all out it becomes is one long indistinguishable garbled flow of nonsense, with only F**K being the only word coming out clearly. Trying to get to my feet some members of the now small crowd that usually gathers at this type of scene, try to calm me down and tell me to lay down, and it's advice that i heed as i am still not 100% on what injuries i have and the pain down my left side is really kicking in now. I cant move my left arm and my inner thighs have copped a massive whack as they panel beated my fuel tank into street fighter material. Oh so fortunately my most important appendages have avoid contact with my tank so all good there :grin: My left leg is seriously giving me some stick too.

    I think better ring the missus, who heads down with my next door neighbour, and being the organised champion she is has already called my other mate with a ute to meet at the scene. The driver had just before their arrival had been witnessed doing the nervous laughter thing, much to the dissaproval of my neighbour who gave him a bit of scintilating repartee, soon lost his sense of humour when my mate turned up, and got out of the ute. Seeing as i was now in the back of the meatwagon, i unfortunately missed the look on the drivers face when he saw the size of my two mates who had rocked up to pick the bike up and see how i was doing. Needless to say being mates they were quite annoyed at my predicament and it was looking like a bit more carnage was about to occur, but once again my cool headed champion of a girlfriend stepped in and calmed the situation down.

    Anyway, long story short, ambos attend and cart me off, driver is charged, nothing broken (except the bike) and waiting on insurance to come through so i can start looking for a new bike.
    I have thought about what i could have done to prevent this. Was the driver only focusing on the car and not what was coming after it? i just think maybe he was looking at his driveway and turned without even looking. Maybe it would have been better if i had distanced myself further from the car in front. Yes i think this would have helped. It would have given him more time to see what was coming. As for setting brakes and taking preventitive action i would say that yes i had that covered but i should have taken more speed off on approach. But then again if i did that every time an oncoming car approaches it would be a slow trip to the shops.
    Just got to get out there again and keep trying to improve my skills.
    Happy riding everyone.
  2. Uh oh.
  3. slalom. you may look like a bit of an idiot weaving in and out, but they only know you look like an idiot because they have seen you.
  4. Peoples brains switch off when they are on the 'home stretch' all they are thinking about is getting inside or watever, Ive heard riders come off a lot on the corner at the end of their street lol.

    Glad your ok, what new bike you looking at getting?
  5. Thanks lilley , i actually have used that method in the past, just not on this occasion.

    some would say my brain is always off :)
    Have not decided yet but i find it hard not get that tingly feeling down my back when i see a nice gsxr go past so leaning towards another suzuki.
  6. Ouch. Hope the Doctors report is a good one.

    The often used quote is SMIDSY, which equates to Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You or I can run you over and kill you and still be home in time for dinner. I hope your mates did some mechanical work to the car :twisted:
  7. Sorry to hear about the accident mate.

    Often they don't see you because they don't look.
  8. Sorry to hear about the accident, hope you get back on the bike in no time.

    Often they don't see you because they don't care if you're there. I think it's not always about the size of a motorcycle that make it hard to be seen, their brain ignore your presence there as it doesn't see you as a threat.
  9. We don't condone violence on this forum :cry: so I'm fresh outta things to say other than I hope ya back on two wheels (and that all important appendage) in record time
  10. sorry to hear man, its never nice to come off.

    what perplexes me more then anything is the fact that they not only didnt see you, but that they didnt even notice the shining headlights coming at them. "errr, whats the irritating white light, well maybe ill drive my way out of it" complete artards

    get well soon
  11. cheers guys,
    no serious injury luckily, walking talking and back riding soon. Will try and take what i can from it and keep rolling. Its a good excuse to upgrade the wheels anyway :grin:
  12. That sucks! No bikinis :(

    I think statistically that type of accident is the most likely to be fatal (ie car turning right), so its great that you're mostly ok :)

    As for preventative measures, buffering further back and to the right of your lane, so they can see you better. But no ones human and its hard to see it coming every time.
  13. so true. been thinking that same thing. funny though when i am driving my work car, i always take a look where i am going, especially out that clear glass thing called a windscreen.
  14. Perhaps he saw the light and thought it was being caused by two sparrows gripping a burning coconut by the husk.

    Its just as likely. -_-

    Heal well :)
  15. are you sure that was sparrows or possibly two african swallows? or was it european swallows?
  16. I'd say European. African swallows are non migratory.
  17. animal trafficking has come a long way in the last few years. the possibilities are endless.
  18. "I didn't see him" who's heard that before?

    Hilary Clinton... From Monica
  19. Wow, nude supermodels? :grin:

    Oh, wait.

    Bad luck about the off, but good to hear you came out alright.
  20. Glad your not hurt badly.

    I've herd the "i did not see him/her" before when I was rear ended in a car in daylight. People don't always pay attention, but sometimes we can be partly at fault. You may have been to close to the car in front and to the left of the lane, so he could not see you at the distance you were. But then again, people don't see things as small as trucks at time either, so there a very good chance there was nothing you could have done except stop for a turning car when you have right of way.

    Hope you find a nice replacement bike and that that was your first and last off.