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I didn't say which state my problem occured, naughty me.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hippo, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. My car licence (on P plates) expired on the 26th October. Slipped my mind and I didn't renew it until the 26th November. However in that interim period I was driving someone else's car and incurred a speeding fine with a demerit.
    (6km over poo sticks!)

    Will I get in poopsies for driving on an expired licence, or will vicroads just be happy that i've paid the damn thing?


  2. Re: Incurring a fine on an expired licence!

    If someone picks it up, you might get a second notice.

    Presumably you've renewed your licence?

    About 20 years ago a mate of mine got pulled over for a spot check. Licence had expired a month or however long earlier. Shit. His wife had to drive home.

    He ends up getting a summons to appear in court a few weeks later. Meanwhile, the day after the event I drove him over to the Vicroads office where he renewed the licence. He'd gotten it in the mail and had forgotten about it.

    Anyway, in court he pleaded guilty with an explanation. The beak didn't want to hear about it. He had to cop the fine, which back then was fairly hefty. It didn't matter that he had renewed his licence and that the renewal date was backdated to the original expiry/renewal date.

    This was an administrative error. No animals were harmed in the sorry saga, but the fine was worse than if he'd been done for 05 or dangerous driving or something. Oh, we've seen people get lower fines for careless driving after they're killed people.

    Moral of the story - hurt other road users (if you're not pissed or speeding), slap on the wrist. Try to "rip off" the government then it's crucifixion, first offence.
  3. Hippo, ask in the ask Hubie thread. It's a sticky, easy to find.
  4. Unless you nominate another driver, they will assume it is the registered owner and you may recieve an addition fine. Vicroads are pretty slack though so you have a chance :grin:
  5. Re: Incurring a fine on an expired licence!

    I have done this on a suspended license before (suspended for unpaid fines :roll: ). All I did was get my license back in order, and THEN pay the new fine. It isn't processed until you pay it remember. It worked ok for me, though I'm in QLD.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.