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I didn't need that adrenaline shot

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by madsam31, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Wow, ok so i just got home from the nearest miss i've ever had.

    I turn off the highway onto a main road, there's a 90 degree bend and the road goes from 2 lanes into 1. No problem there. The car in front of me is approx 20-30m ahead, the guy behind is another 20-30 m behind and i feel pretty safe.

    As i round the bend i look down the road, about 250m ahead the road narrows a bit and i see a car turning right and a guy stopped behind. Specifically at this intersection

    A few caution signals go off in my mind to be careful of what the guy in front of me is going to do.

    There's a reasonable amount of room for me on the left of the two backed up cars, but it doesn't look like there's enough for a car to go through. The guy directly in front puts his indicator on ~50m away, and so i feel safe knowing what he was doing. It's a 50 km/h road and we weren't speeding.

    Since the second guy who was stopped hadn't moved since i got on the road, i thought he would simply wait until the car in front had moved before going. How wrong I was.

    I get about 1.5 car lengths behind him, in the left lane with my indicator on, and he pulls out. No indicator, no looking, just turns and floors it. By the time i'm at his rear tyre he's covered 3/4 of the 'lane', only to stop when I start blasting the horn.

    So I brake.

    The rear wheel locks up, it starts to fishtail into the gutter. I narrowly avoid colliding with this guys front left bumper by the skin of my teeth, but ahead is a foot deep gutter less than 2m away. I try to turn without swerving, the rear wheel collides with the gutter causing the rear wheel to bounce. The bike then uncontrollably turns left, and i see ahead the beginning of a metal guard rail perfectly suited to quite literally rip me a new one. I enter damage control and try not to collide head first, luckily the bike then gained a little bit more traction and I was able to turn just enough to avoid hitting it. The bike then comes to a halt about 2m into the intersection.

    I stop and turn, enough to see this guy overtake me, look at me, and give a "It's not my f*cking fault" look before speeding off down the road.

    I turn down the street, stop the bike, get off and try to calm down.

    A woman in the car behind was nice enough to stop and ask if i was OK.

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  2. Happy that you are ok.:woot:
  3. you should of let him hit you , your an ATGATTA, you would be fine
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  4. I generally use the front car to sheppard me through situations like this. Many will argue me down that you should always keep a safe gap between you and the car in front. But when I'm relying to be seen in someone's mirror who is frantically trying to change lanes from a stopped lane, being within 5-10 meters off the car in fronts tail over to the left is by far the safest position to be in.
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    Glad you're ok
  6. "Safety barrier" wouldn't have been much help.:nailbiting::nailbiting:
  7. Things like this make beer taste even better
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  8. Are you sure you are correct about this happening 1.5 car lengths in front of you? Assuming you slowed to 30-40km/h, this would give you about 1 second to recognise the developing situation, sound your horn and start to brake. It does not seem like enough time to do all of that, in particular it doesn't seem like enough time to use your horn.

    I ask this, not because I'm picking on you, but because you may have been further back than you thought you were so that in analysing what happened so that it doesn't happen again, it may have happened a little differently than you remembered it. I've looked at helmet camera footage from incidents which have been a little to close for my own comfort and what I remember and what is on the camera do not always exactly match up.

    Good job avoiding it and glad it turned out ok :)