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I didn't miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Discotheque, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. #1 Discotheque, Sep 30, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
    Hello gents,

    So this was just over a month ago when this happened. Had just finished work on a wet Saturday night at 22:30. Was on my way home when crossing the intersection of Montague and City Road I was collected by an X5. He was turning right and I was going straight.

    My first thought was get to the side of the bike fast to avoid me impacting myself into the car. I somehow managed to just do it, and superman'd across the road about 10metres down. I was lucky there that the road was wet so I didn't grip when I hit it. Helmet, boots and kevlar jeans all write off's. The jacket - Alpinestars Jaws survived as well as the RS-Tai Chi gloves. Always go quality!

    I actually walked away from this. Walked into the ambulance and waited for the arrival of my green stick to kick the pain.

    A month later and I'm still in pain, just had a cortisone injection in the shoulder and am waiting on TAC to send through the verifications to have my surgeon do a clean and scrape on my knee.

    Be careful out there guys, always be aware of your surroundings!

    On the bright side - was 2 days out of my restrictions so it was a hard way to get rid of the ninja. RIP.

    Now looking at CBR600RR's, 08' and up!

    Side note - the bloke in the X5 was nice enough to help me off the road!

    10690333_10153628100479874_260543134211718436_n. 11954553_10153628100314874_693345130889520404_n. 11960162_10153628100389874_1534315649821432310_n. 11960268_10153628100289874_1574920224749868608_n. 11986915_10153628100404874_4863107059314697935_n. 11988358_10153628100464874_2667246620023936443_n.
  2. look on the bright side.... now you dont have to deal with 'troy bayliss' wannabe's when trying to sell your 300... im sure insurance will cover you for damages and give you a payout?

    good to know you walked away from it mate :)
  3. Was a ninja 250 ;)
    Yeah insurance paid me out but for some reason I have to pay the excess but i'll challenge that.
  4. oh even worse a 250 haaha.
  5. Ouch, speedy recovery mate. I've done the superman thing and buggered my ankle completely - but in a country with no TAC equivalent and no Medicare, all bills paid by moi. We're pretty bloody lucky in good ol Australia :)
  6. X5's are probably, as a class, the worst drivers on the road at the moment. My spider senses go on extra tingly when I see one. ;)

    Glad you are relatively unscathed.
  7. Gee I dunno Chris, I've seen shit for brains drivers in everything from high end exotics to shitbox 30 yr old junk heaps. IMO this generalization doesn't stack up. And, no I don't own an X5...
  8. sorry to hear about the accident, glad your relatively ok, all the best for a speedy recovery
  9. Good luck in your recovery.

    And I know shoulder pain all too well ( 5 years and counting from my crash)
  10. Shit luck, good to here you recovering.

    Shoulders a bad design. I wish there was an upgrade. CBR600RR supposed to be nice, one that's on my wish list..
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  11. Yes, tongue in cheek, it is not a universal rule, but the percentage of bad X5 drivers seem to be very high. X3s and X7s seem to be about average. It is something about that middle model though that attracts people who should not be in charge of billy carts. When I started riding it was Volvos but the company started to get a more sporty image and their old customer base moved on. :)

    If I am being serious I agree with you trust no-one, any one of them may do anything.
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