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I didn't miss, but I didn't hit

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by scandyflick, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. 5 months to the day into riding, and I've had my first accident.

    I was coming down a nice winding road in Adelaide a few minutes from civilisation, heading back to get some lunch after a casual 56k circuit.

    Came around a switch back, no problem, and I've seen a car in the oncoming lane about 500m down, up to 60 into a gentle left-right, and this car I tagged earlier was suddenly in my lane!
    I've instantly come off the throttle, off the cornering line, and done my best to ride around him.
    I've succeeded, but I've also panic braked, and fixated on the rock wall to the left.
    Predictably, I ate the wall pretty hard.
    Annoyingly, the driver has kept on driving. I'm certain he knew what happened.
    Frustratingly, I'd forgotten my GoPro.

    I rode the wall for about 5 meters before the bike fell over on me. Managed to get out from under it, quick inspection of myself, no blood, nothing obviously broken, able to walk, able to move fairly freely.
    I'm pretty sure I knocked my head when I fell, but if I did, it's all in the helmet.
    Left glove was practically torn to ribbons.
    My cheap Oxford jacket is filthy but fine.

    The bike on the other hand... Well, it seemed to absorb all of the energy in the fork and probably the front of the frame. Fork is twisted top and bottom, bars were bent, left side of the bike is scratched half to hell, one mirror missing, one broken, windshield detached, crash knob looking a little worse for wear.
    Very thankful to the family that stopped and help me get the bike back up and out of the way.
    Had it collected and dropped back at the dealer in town, and walked into the ER.

    I did well. I've dismissed the accident as minor, and my injuries only require rest and pain meds, but I got lucky. If I'd fixated on the car instead of the wall, I don't think I'd be in my own bed right now. As it is, all I have is some badly bruised ribs and stomach, elbow, thigh, and knee.

    I'm glad I had the gear on for the same reason. Could have easily been much worse.

    The bike will likely be written off. And my helmet is definitely getting replaced.

    I don't think it'll put me off riding. I'm looking forward to getting back on the road, and onward to PI for the Moto GP next month.

    The most shocking thing about this is that someone can be part of an accident like this, something that could have left someone seriously injured and just drive away from it like nothing happened. And the handful of people that drove past without even slowing. Baffling.
    IMAG0816. IMAG0815. IMAG0817.
  2. Glad to hear your alright, had the gear on and walked away. You'll likely be sore for the next few days after such a tumble. Thankfully you have comprehensive by the sounds of it.

    I had something similar 4 months into riding; on a rainy night a car cut lanes infront of me than smashed on the brakes to make an impossible turnoff. I panicked and lowsided which resulted in me clipping the side panel, she got out to check her car then pulled a U-turn and sped off while I was across 3 lanes on the ground according to a witness.

    The sad reality is very few care or will take responsibility for their actions let alone consider others or learn from them. Every rider gets a serious wake-up call that some drivers are just nutcases at some time or another. My advice would be to get on a bike as soon as you can and not loose confidence in yourself.
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  3. Is all that dirt on the road from where you hit the wall?
    Sounds like a scary one, but get back on the horse as soon as you can before you think about it too much.
  4. Glad you're relatively ok. Make sure you go to the docs anyway even if you feel ok or just a little sore. Minor injury can turn major in a blink of an eye.
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  5. That sucks but Glad to hear you're ok
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  6. Ouch ! :facepalm: good to hear your ok and hope you're back in the saddle soon and you make it to the Moto GP.
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  7. Glad you are ok mate. The same thing happened to me a long time ago while I was on my Ls as well. Get back on the bike as soon as you can.
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  8. Sounds like a lucky escape!

    What do you mean by this though...
    Road rage before hand?
  9. Tagged as in, memorised that it is a hazard to take note of.
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  10. Years ago in on the way to Jamieson in a car, we were on a right hander when confronted by a rider in our lane. My ex swerved left as far as he dared without steering us over the cliff. The rider pulled the door skin clean off the back passenger door before stacking the bike . We stopped immediately and I had a hell of a time convincing him to sit down so I could assess his injuries and feed him a hot cup of sugared tea for the shock.

    Weeks later he came over to thank us and explain that it was his first time back on the bike after losing someone close to him and admitted to riding too hard. Even if he had missed the car we would have stopped as I would not have been able to live with myself without seeing if he was okay. Especially since if he hadn't hit our car, he would have ridden over the edge with no barriers back then. *Shudder*

    Very sorry to hear another report of drivers not stopping scandyflickscandyflick but glad you're ok. Seriously, what is wrong with people?
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  11. Glad you're okay Mate.

    Jeeze, the star's didn't align for you, did they? Car popping over your side to say hello, stacking the bike, said (fcuking w@nker) car doing the off .............and you forgetting your gopro to capture it all for netrider voyeurs!!

    Look on the bright side - you're okay - and that's all that really matters.
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  12. Good to hear you're relatively unharmed, mate. It could've ended much worse.
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  13. Awesome you're OK and as mentioned relatively unharmed. Chalk this one up to experience!

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  14. OP, learn from this experience, analyse what you'll do differently the next time a car comes into your lane (it WILL happen again).

    Glad you're ok.
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  15. Glad you are ok, I quite often get the feeling that drivers (lots of them) couldnt give s@#t about anyone that is only on 2 wheels
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  16. Scary to read, and I'm so glad you're alright.

    Now I feel less bad about being conservative on blind left-handers.

    I think part of the problem is that on open roads, too many drivers turn into the corner too soon due to lack of open road experience AND failure to pay proper attention to their driving.

    Took one of my oldest friends, from Sydney - city driver only - up the Dorrigo windies in a car, several years ago, and they said "I'd never drive a road like this, ever" and I thought 'Sheesh, just use the bloody steering wheel properly. That's what it is for. It's not rocket science.'

    As I read on NR this morning, we have to share the road with unskilled drivers, and those without their mind on the job, and have to ride accordingly. This is good, as it is now hiding my doddering old ways.

    Sad reflection on modern life that people don't stop to take responsibility for their actions any more, these days.
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  17. #17 scandyflick, Sep 2, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2015
    That's where I ended up stopping. I first hit the wall a few metres before that, just to the left of that tree.

    I'll be back on as soon as I'm fit and able.

    Spent the evening in the ER, I'm pretty beaten up, but it's all pretty minor, pretty well a clean bill of health.

    This. I noticed him as I was coming out of a slow bend, tight road, so I marked him as a hazard, just didn't pay as much attention to him as I apparently should have.

    GoldenberriGoldenberri, people are just fcuked I guess. Quite a few people stopped, and I was very thankful that they did, but I'm pretty bitter that the driver of the Ute didn't. My insurance company will no doubt give me a very sarcastic, "yes, the "other vehicle"" before telling me my excess...

    LionzLionz, my whole riding career has been highlighted with some less than stellar luck and timing. But hopefully the bad luck is behind me.
    I ordered a Contour camera that'll live permanently on my helmet from now on.

    Sure could have. Lucky to have gotten away with some bruises. Shame about my bike though. :(

    Next time keep the fcuker in sight and maybe do the speed limit instead of 20k under. Would have been well past him...
    Oh well. Experience, experience...
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  18. Get back on the bike, get to PI, have a great time!
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  19. Glad your still in one piece scandyflickscandyflick, shows the value of proper bike gear, that can be replaced when it gets beaten up - you not so much, heal quickly and get back on board as soon as possible to get your confidence back for your trip to PI.
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  20. I know that road well and some of the people living near that road have a real beef with any non-locals using that road, due to the proximity of the nearby alternate path.

    The dawn views over Adelaide from that road are really stunning... hope it all works out well for you, get back riding soon!