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I didn't mean to buy it dear, the devil made me do it......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Ok, sit down, have a double decaff latte and a little biscuit shaped like a heart, and I'll tell you all about it. Some of you may remember a recent thread call "Should Incitatus Join The Ducatisti"....with me so far? good, have another latte. Well, the general consensus among you's lot was 'yes he should'. Unfortunately Mrs Incitatus took a view more akin to "get farked and die slowly you greedy bastard".....(or words to that effect). Being a timid sort of bloke who likes breathing, I decided I didn't want the bloody thing anyway, honest dear. Now under normal circumstances that would have been the end of the story (how's your latte?)....But it seems that there is a Dog, and he loves me. Incitatus had a phone call from an old friend who needs somebody to go and fly a pile of ancient russian junk called an AN-2, in some Dog forsaken place called Luleå in the far north of Sweden between July 15 and 22nd, and is offering mucho beer tokens in exchange. Now Mrs Incitatus has never been closer to Sweden than a Saab dealership, and said friend is desperate for someone stupid...err I mean skillful enough, to fly this pile of junk, and is willing to pay for flights and accomodation for Mrs Incitatus. Another latte?....Well, on hearing about the expensive luxury holiday in Sweden I had arranged just for her, (I didn't mention the bit about it being above the arctic circle), Mrs Incitatus was suitably impressed, and sensing the moment I resurrected the concept of little old Ducati that was going sooooo cheap we would be very silly to miss out on the investment opportunity, struck like a cobra I did...and it worked! I now have another motorbicycle in the shed, and have officially joined the Ducatisti. Below is a picture of a Ducati just like mine, and below that a picture of the price........I'm still not sure I got a good deal.


    http://members.iinet.net.au/~browng/an2.jpg :shock:

  2. ALLRIGHT!!!

    I too had to bribe/coerce the better half with a month long trip to Europe. She is still in a post Florence haze and I could buy a 999R at the moment and she wouldn't twig nor care.

    Strike while the iron is hot.

    Ditch the latte's for espresso's.. :LOL:
  3. You poor lads. I have the opposite problem.
    My missus wants me to buy bikes I can't afford!
  4. Good on ya inci Im up to 5 bikes now in the garage 3 go soon to be 4

    Wellcome to the duke club mate at least you will get spares for yours though

    Dont know about the price though will it actually Fly

    Jesus I thought they stopped making those sought of things 50 years ago is it really a bi plane your flying

    Well to go with that Biggles hat and gogles required. oh and dont forget to yell Chocks Away

    Ha Ha
  5. Re: I didn't mean to buy it dear, the devil made me do it...

    :applause: Congrats re the bike :applause: all good things come to those that strike at the right time :rofl:

    Aherm that plane looks Ummmmm
    has anyone got a Blind Fold for incitatus to put on his Missus so he can drive on up and have her blindfolded and pick her up and place her in the plane like a wedding night threshold and then once they are airborn he can say you can take off the blindfold now darlin as a surprise :blackeye:
  6. Good timing, you'll get to see the entire Swedish summer :) I must say I am a bit suprised they would source a pilot from Australia - there should be plenty of guys who actually have had experience on AN-2's in neighbouring Russia, and they'd probably be much cheaper, too.

    No matter, here's to the adventure, and to your new bike!
  7. So was I, initially anyway, but for some reason to do with regularly crashing and burning, he has trouble getting his operation insured using eastern bloc pilots. There aren't many western pilots with time on AN-2's. I flew one for a mining operation in Mongolia, so it all just made sense.
  8. incitatus not really related to the thread but are you a commercial pilot or do you jujst have a private license?
  9. Hey inci, I reckon you'd be better off flying the ducati and sitting in the plane sipping latte :LOL:

    Congrats on it all working out anyway, now we can only hope that the bike does not turn out to be a lemon when the glow of the Swedish holiday has faded and reality has set in.......
  10. I have an ATPL which is the next step up from a simple commercial. You need an ATPL to fly 'Air Transport Operations' ie sheduled flights.
  11. Hmmm I think it is a real pity that we have to 'sooth' our partners to be able buy our play things, should they not realize it is the price they must pay to have such a fantastic action man for a partner? :(
  12. That is a beautiful bike Incitatus, how does the condition of the one you bought compare? What year is that thing? Doesn't look very pillion friendly, but then who really cares?
  13. Re: I didn't mean to buy it dear, the devil made me do it...

    Your going to fly that thing? You're braver than I thought!
  14. incitatus what airport do u operate at in WA?? got a mate works at jandecot (i think)
  15. When flying that.... thing.... some theme music may be appropriate:


  16. Re: I didn't mean to buy it dear, the devil made me do it...

    Master please teach me in your ways :grin:

    :biker: Please take this picture of a Ducati as part payment.
  17. Mine is actually better than the one in the picture, but the same colour. It is an 89' with just 24,000k's on it. Less than 3,000k's ago it was fitted with new 93' model spec Kiehin carbies instead of the temperamental Dellorto's it was born with. It was also fitted with 916 brakes, and totally rewired with 93' model electrics. All the work was done by Vee Two in Perth who are the top Australian Ducati 'Go faster' boys. It is mint except for a few scratches on the seat hump where he has strapped stuff on.
  18. Good luck inci youll have to add the duke to your list :cool:

    That plane looks ok isnt it the modern russian planes that are crap. Reminds me of the old saying "they dont build em like they used to" anyway have fun and while you are up in that deathtrap just think about your duke waiting for ya at home :wink: :grin:
  19. I do my training work from a private field at Brooklands (near York). My charter work is anywhere I'm wanted.
  20. Well done, mmmmm expensive toys.

    Good luck in Sweden, ummmm don't know much about planes but it looks great :shock: