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I didnt know the police could do this.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jay77, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. The bit that stuck out was the 'GPS Embedded dart that can be fired into a suspect vehicle'.

    I had no idea the police were using these things.

    I assume so they can track it if they lose sight or if the pursuit becomes too dangerous.
    Im just wondering how they launch the dart, is it fired by a hand held launcher thingy, or is it a Kitt style launcher?

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  2. A quick search brought up talk of the darts being fired by hand held airgun type delivery system, using a sticky substance to stay on the vehicle.

    Didn't see any mention of current use though, possibly more of a future concept.
  3. Mate if we knew what they actually had that is not yet in use we would all be gobsmacked. They have a heap of technology etc that is fully deveolped but not being used. As I am sure you can appreciate, there would be quite a bit of red tape when implimeting a new device.

    All I know is that the cops and the road laws are getting tougher and tougher.

    I tell you what though, I would love to take that car for a spin.
  4. Imagine copping that to the back of the helmet!
  5. I hate to say it but that is pretty cool and could potentially save a lot of lives in police persuits. How long before they can launch big blue shells?
  6. I've heard them mentioned in relation to WA only, not sure if they are actually being used or not...

    BTW, where did you get that pic from? Did anyone notice the typo in it? Poor form if it's from the coppers! ;)
  7. Incorrect, police chases are always called off a short period of time before the car/motorcycle crashes.
  8. I guess I will have to have a 350kw lightweight awd evo now to compete in the "arms" race
  9. I'm not just talking about Victoria.

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/15/3192328.htm from just the other day in WA. I'm sure this technology could have saved this boys life. Have a news search of killed and pursuit, people being killed in police chases is not uncommon.

    If the police can put a GPS tag on a car and then sit back and wait for the vehicle to be intercepted it has a lot of potential to save lives of the chased, chaser and civilians.
  10. I don't agree 100% (but I don't want to speculate about that crash) they still need to apprehend the driver, hence why chases occour in the first place.

    If the car stops & the perp gets out, all they have is the location of the car.

    It's a nice idea, but it doesn't address the issue of apprehending the perp.
  11. next they'll have these
  12. When the car is tagged they can trace the car. The thing is, the cops arent chaising stolen cars to get the car back, but to catch the person driving the car.
  13. Not 100% fool proof I agree. But remember there's cops everywhere and being able to intercept the vehicle rather then chase it down is a lot more effective way at stopping somebody. Also having police cars on someones tale is going to cause them to drive in a far more erratic matter.

    The way I see it being used is the offender is chased till they are able to be tagged. The chasing vehicle then drops off (obviously depending on the availability of other resourses), out of sight but still near enough to trap somebody in. The offender believes they are in the clear and drives a bit safter until the cops up ahead can prepare a road block.
  14. The ultimate solution:
  15. The tagging would be if they lose contact - but if you lose them and you know you're tagged, how difficult would it be to remove it and stick it on someone else's vehicle.
  16. I doubt they would have time to remove a tag unless someone climbs out of a car while its still moving. A cop car could easily maintain a gap less than 15 seconds and be completely out of view.
  17. i could think of any number of ways to fool that system.
  18. Scenario, high speed pursuit in bad weather, police GPS tag the criminals car, with police helicopter above and dog squad on stand by....

    I am curious how to get away from that.
  19. Well, no system is foolproof. Some people will find a way around it, but others might not. The thing about petty criminals is, many of them are not all that bright. And if it helps to reduce police pursuits it can only be a good thing. A while ago it was said the police killed more people with their cars than with their guns...
  20. Not in WA there ain't.

    I read a coroner's report a few years ago in which it had come to light that, outside office hours, there were three patrol cars covering an area 25km x 50km in the outer metro area. I've seen no evidence that the density has increased.