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I didnt handle that well...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by RodSyd, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Out for a cruise through the city in the late evening and get stuck behind an old toyota ute blowing lots of smoke every set of lights when he takes off. This is going along Campbell Pde in front of Bondi Beach where there are lights every 50m. As you would I went round him and thought no more of it until I realise hes now tailgating me. Hmm no problem I can leave him behind. Unfortunately I seem to keep catching the lights all the way up Bondi Rd and hes still behind me as I go onto the Junction Bypass. At this point I think let him go but as he passes me he does a big flyby still in the same lane as me missing me by inches. So I pull up next to him at the lights after the bypass and bang on his bonnet a few times to get his attention and give him a big "WTF" gesture with one hand. Out he jumps and runs around and tries to tip the bike. Now I'm stuck, the bikes in gear and the clutch has to be held in while I try and stop the bike from dropping, cruisers aint light once they get past a certain angle. After a few choice words he stops trying to tip the bike allowing me to get it upright finally and he does a front snap kick and leaves me a little dent in the side of the tank. Should of let him go when I realised the wanker was tailgating....hindsight is a mongrel.

  2. Commiserations on the damage mate. The nutters are certainly out there. Keep safe. :)
  3. never... NEVER take your anger out on their car. if they tailgate me, i just let them pass. if needs be, i'd rather pull over for 5 mins, and then have a decent and stress free trip home.
  4. Bad news to hear, the nutters out there just aren't worth it, you don't know how they are going to react, but understand your anger at adangerous move, as you said, hindsight is a biatch
  5. Did you get his details? Report him to the cops. At least then you can get the insurance to cover the cost of the repairs.

    For what it's worth, I would have let the bike drop and kicked his f**cking head in repeatedly on the f**cking bonnet till he p*ssed his pants and cried for his mommy!! (I have a very short fuse and NO patience for that Sh*t and I'd take him on even if it meant I might end up getting shanked for it!)
  6. hmmmm....Anger Management Classes, anyone? :D
  7. Should've just gunned it when you saw the moron open his car door..
  8. What's your cruiser? harley with straight through pipes? bit of a rev would have sent him crying.
  9. does anyone know what requirements you have to meet to get a permit to carry a sword?
    apparently i need a permit in Vic, just i can't figure out what reason i'm supposed to write down on the application for a permit to carry one.
    i want it to be all legit/legal in case i get pulled over.
    obviously i can't say it's for slicing peoples arms of etc... has to be a legitimate reason?
  10. Encounters with giant monster vegetables. It could happen to anyone, any time, anywhere.
  11. The car was emitting smoke - you could have taken the rego and complained to the EPA (that's for Victoria, unsure about NSW) they would take that seriously and he'd end up being taken off the road.
  12. The annoying thing about this is that I do normally keep my head after a few seconds fuming. Unfortunately the lights came up in that few seconds and I hadnt cooled off before the opportunity to vent presented itself.

    While I'm here can anyone recommend a good dent repairer for fuel tanks, somewhere inner suburbs Sydney preferably?
  13. Personally, I'd have tapped his window a few times and yelled at him - only because if I was in a car and somebody hit my bonnet I'd click it; however, in this situation, I'd have been out of gear and off my bike as soon as I saw his door open, then god help him if he takes a swing.
  14. +1

    on the other hand if your not prepared to throw hands with him NEVER bang on there or try smash there mirrors etc unless you have an immediate escpae route. i no you can easily get caught in the moment but keep it in mind

  15. Good advice x2
  16. I'd take massive offense if someone banged on my door or bonnet... window is ok providing I don't get the impression you're trying to smash it.
  17. Seriously??? You guys are appealing to calm?!
    This isn't Zen Mastery 101 class, people!
    The dude tried to RUN HIM OVER, and you're upset about a little tap on his precious, rusty, smoky POS bonnet??!

    As SOON as I saw him open his door, I would have stepped off my bike and it would have been ON like DONKEY KONG!
  18. If you get off your bike they are more likely to go for the bike than you. Knock it over, it doesn't start, cracked mirror, scratched fairings = thousands of dollars of damage.

    And don't forget that self defense can quickly turn into assault.
  19. You banged on his bonnet and likely (at least from his point of view) dented it. Were I the driver I'd have gotten out to have words with you too. Whether I'd have damaged your vehicle would be solely down to whether I discovered damage to mine. None of this has anything to do with his unsafe overtake. Next time try a window instead.
  20. I honestly don't know exactly what I would've done. I've been in similar situations, but no ones ever got out of the car and threatened me.

    In the past I've pulled over and just let the jerk go. Other times I've hit the car with my fist or boot. Yet on other occaisons I've gunned it and got away from them, figuring I'd rather pay a fine and loose some points than be injured or dead.

    Hindsight is brilliant, but in the 'heat of battle' you can't predict what reaction you or others will have. On any other day the guy may have just stuck his hand up and said sorry, who knows.