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I didn't expect the Earth to move

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. http://sites.google.com/site/earthdeception/

  2. i love the bit about Obama, really shows how cuckoo these guys are!

    oh man oh man... fecking crazies!
  3. Ah the old anti-anti-religion religion trick. The false Jew conspiracy of centric time is designed to lead us away from Timecube Jesus.

  4. aww... religious people are so cute when they try and play scientist
  5. There's something about that page that makes me think the guy is actually serious. It's quite disturbing.
  6. who the f*uck is Jesus?

    His name is Jebus, dumbarse ;) ..... :-s ..... :rofl:
  7. Religion is the Cause of all the worlds problems
  8. Care to explain what went wrong in communist Soviet Union, China, North Korea etc?
  9. The fact that Communism was elevated to a religion...

    It's not the delusion that's the problem with religion, it's the level of certainty that is provides.

    That's because when you believe you are right beyond all discussion, people are able to do things that critical thinking would never allow...
  10. Well, obviously this has been invented by a left-wing, terrorist sympathising cabal attempting to undermine the righteous who are trying to expose the real conspiracy...
  11. what a bunch of complete @#$%'s.
    (the authors of that website - not you guys)
  12. Just looking at the page without reading it gave me a headache!

    You know people have issues when they make a site and ALL of the content is written on one single page that goes on forever
  13. that is extremely true
  14. Obviously you missed the more subtle of their points c0rrupt.
    Proper clean web design is evil and should not be used for the risk of eternal damnation and being bound and beaten.
    Hence why I love nice clean sites so much.
  15. Haha... maybe they think they are being kinder to the environment... y'know saving all those pages n all.... best just use the same long one!

  16. Will someone PLEASE think of the electrons.
  17. My positrons will kick your electrons arses
  18. I'm not sure if you are being negative or just antielecton. :(