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I didn't buy the R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Just sent the sms... "Hi! Just letting you know, I love your R6, but unfortunately have decided not to buy it. Best of luck with the sale."

    On Saturday, I met a guy named Chris who was selling his '04 black & red R6, as he upgrades to a new one in 2 weeks.

    The bike was in immaculate condition.
    14,000 K's on it. Well looked after [new oil every 3000k's, new filter every 6000k's].
    I know it'd been 'ridden'... as only sports bikes can be - but it was a beautiful bike and he was prepared to sell it for $10,000 as he didn't want to have 2 of them in the garage.

    I could have bought it. Good deal, and only 8 months away from my full license.
    But I didn't buy it, because I knew if I bought it, I'd ride it. And if I ride it, I could crash it. And if I crash it, I might hit something. And if I hit something, it might be a Ferrari. And if I hit ANYTHING, 3rd party won't cover a P-plater riding an R6 because it's illegal.

    It was a nice bike though :(


    All my existing gear would have matched and everything, I'm sorta happy sense over-rode this decision... as that makes me more confident of the discipline to handle a bigger bike when the time comes.

    But you know... it would have been fun.
  2. Common sense, restraint, and wisdom?....Ok you fiendish alien bastards, bring back the real Ktulu and we won't nuke the mothership... :twisted:
  3. Yeah Ktulu, what happened? Wait a minute... it's cos you want to go straight to the litre. :) That is the only possible explaination, either that or you have milaria... well isn't that the more likely option? :) :grin: :)
  4. Friend...are you kicking yourself right now? are you? Black on Black looks better anyway.

    Common sense is rare for those who choose to ride naturally unstable vehicles...well done...

    *pat on the back* so how about a busa?
  5. inci - I know! Maybe it's the shock. The only explanation I could think of would be to try and find some other picture of an R6, to truly capture what I'll be missing out on.

    Yeah LPCIII - 8 months 'til I'm test iding. I'll have to have a go on the SP2 beforehand though so I have an idea of what a much bigger and heavier bike is like.
    It'll be ok. I'll leave the excess as a deposit if you like :)

    And thank you very much devil's advoc... I mean, mini-monster. Yes, a 'busa would be nice in a straight line. Personally a ZX12R would be more to my liking in the Uber-bike department :grin:
  6. Hey man if I trust Donkey with the keys you can take the sp2 for a ride this arvo.

    Oh and Donkey if you read this thread... yes I know you have more experience I was just poking fun.

    (Ok I hope that means he won't rip my arms off) :)
  7. Well, as long as we're being slagged off for being safety nazis on other fora, let me say, well done, pleasures postponed, etc :LOL:
  8. oh good on ya!
    i got my bike after about 6 months on my P's
    just couldnt resit... although i got pulled over while on p's and used my brothers name. Shame Shame!
  9. I dont think anybody would be able to resist not riding somthing in their shed.
    I got mine @ 6months to go also (luckily never got pulled over) love my r6 :) still got it
  10. Only $10,000?? had it been dropped?? that is extremly cheap for the 04 r6 in Syd. Thats a steal at that price.

    The 04's are an extremly good bike, but the blue ones are faster then the red ones :cool:

    If you want a slow bike go the sp2, but if you want something quick, stay with the r6 :wink: :p
  11. Hah! Was waiting for you to see this thread, Dave :p
    It had a scrape on the right indicator [owner blamed garage wall - which is plausible], there was definite wear on the bottom of the hero-pegs though. So I know it's been ridden - which is ok. They're meant to be.

    Fairings were perfect however ^_^
    I'm pretty sure it had never been dropped... at least at anything higher than 0 k's an hour.

    Hey, if anyone wants to buy it PM me, and I'll give you the guy's number. He's got to get rid of it inside of 2 weeks.

    Only reason I didn't buy it was the whole restrictions thing. He lives in Rooty Hill, Sydney, NSW.
  12. You suck.

    It's going to be an 07 Daytona 675 isn't it?
  13. It was an awesome machine Ktulu, well ONLY 8 months to go :wink: and you can step up to it.
    As long as you can find something that matches all your riding gear :wink:
    Well for now you can amuse yourself planning the devious rollerblade extravaganza :LOL:
  14. Are you out of your mind? I woulda snatched it straight away *Drool* my next bike is going to be 12 months from now... N it will be either an R6 or a ZX6R/7
  15. You've got to admire Tash's approach; buy the bike a year out and spend the year and some money customising the daylights out of it. When she finally does get to ride it it's going to look so good......
  16. Can't let it go can you Paul?

    You would think a moderator would show .. more moderation....

    Well done Ktulu..... a better one will come along when your ready.....
  17. Lighten up, nobby, it's only an internet forum, not life....
  18. yeah, how's ya arse tonight Paul, must be sore after the telling off you got for posting up the "Joke" yesterday..

    and .. heed your own advice mate...

    do unto others remember ..
  19. Internet is life!!

    Ktulu,get a black 06R6 mmmmmmmm. ;)
  20. Ktulu I'm glad you didn't get I seriously reckon a black 05 or 05 zx10r will suit you best.