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I did the most brain dead thing thisafternoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carbine, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Got off my bike at the Zest gym after work got out my disc look and then without a micron of a thought i put it on the rear disc with the key facing inwards and right in front if one of the spokes :? Shit was my inital thought how am i going to get this off now the dam key is to long. Ok dont panic there is a servo just around the corner ill get a Hacksaw and cut the plastic part of the key off so i can fit it into the lock, Yeah ok the servo is no longer in existance all torn down this was after i ran halfway across the carpark leaving my helmet sitting on a St Vinnies clothing bin Run back and get it first then go to servo, Hmmm what do i do now Then i spotted a Energex van drive into the carpark ran over to the driver and ask him if he had a hack saw and yes he did proceded to cut key in half with the help of the enegex guy finaly got it off thank god.
    :arrow: Dont ever do this.

  2. hahahah! funny stuff, sounds like ya had a blonde moment or two
  3. I know someone who did a similar thing thing with a steering wheel lock.

    Except there problem was, we'll keep the steering wheel lock seperate to the car keys. (and with a seperate person). After a night of partying, the spent half an hour cutting through a steering wheel lock with a hacksaw.

    At least you know that it will take a bit of effort for a thief to remove the disc lock.
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  4. Never done that!, but i don't use disk locks for the fear of taking off and killing myself after I left it on!
  5. Better than forgetting that it's on in the first place , and trying to ride off , hey groberts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I use one of those green curly cables on my disc lock to reimid me not to ride off with the lock still on, but I always put the lock on the front wheel anyway.
  7. My sister managed, with lots of help from her 5yo son, drop her car keys down a lift shaft. Forget getting a tech in to retrieve it, they cost a fortune, so big brother (aka PVDA) gets a call to go to her place and and grab her spare keys.

    I get there and small problem, the steering lock only has 1 key :roll:

    I bring a tool kit with me and try the old hack saw method on several locations with no success, next option was to remove the steering wheel completely, take it home, and attack the steering lock with an angle grinder :shock: , drive back and refit it to the car and it's all sorted :)

    And my sister owes me big time :twisted:
  8. haha ive done that a few times.. never moved more then about 10cm without noticing though :p
  9. you beat me to it midnight can't let him forget :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. It has always been a fear of mine,not actually putting the disk lock on the wrong wheel or nothing but losing the damn key!!!!!, hopeless with keys have so many of them grrrrrr
  11. Wow, I dont have to think about which way I put my disk lock on, it always goes on the back wheel, key facing out without a second thought!
  12. I hear (never tried it) all you need to get through most of them is a length of pipe (for leverage).

  13. God Daam :shock: :LOL:

  14. Funny reading it but I bet it wasent funny this afternoon :LOL: