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I did something really stupid [Now with photos, p1]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. I bought a 2002 suzuki sv650s. How am I going to go almost 3 months without being able to ride it? :LOL:

    But seriously though. Thanks to matt if you're reading this, was a good deal and its in pretty reasonable shape for its age. Left Sydney at 5am, down to canberra by 9. Inspected it, then took it to TJs that was just around the corner to have a more mechnically minded inspect. He couldn't fault it apart from needing some minor servicing and the front forks being.. well being sv650 forks hehe. Then I took it for a short test ride around the uni campus to get a feel for it. That led to agreeing on the price, and then filling out the paperwork. Then transfered the money and off we went. I drove the car back and dad rode, was very envious! Kept seeing him disappear in the mirror, and then looking back half a second later and seeing him right behind me ;)

    Had a go at cleaning it with some mr sheen. Looking much better now but I ran out of light and very tired from the trip so tomorrow I'll finish cleaning it and get some pics up.

    - Cleaned, polished, autosol'd, shined everything
    - Removed safety stickers on fairing
    - Removed gammy tank pad

    Stuff to come:
    - Oggies
    - Aftermarket exhaust (currently stock)
    - K&N air filter
    - Rejet the carbies with mods
    - Tinker with suspension - play with rear preload, and I'll look into getting a new setup for the front
    - Braided front brake lines
    - Maybe fender extender
    - Tail tidy
    - Digital speedo/clock/tripmeter etc
    - Sprocket change (when it wears out) for commuting fun
    - Bling:
    --- Bar ends
    --- New tank pad (current ones 'sunk' a little and a bt worse for wear)
    --- THINKING about polished rims, but not sure after James' horror stories of it
    ---Paint exhaust pipes with heatproof paint

    I've got almost 3 months for the mods.. So if anyone has any suggestions for mods that I've forgotten please let me know as I don't want to be tempted to ride this thing further than the end of my street (just to keep the battery charged of course ;) )

    Thanks for everyone who helped me get the bike, alot of people offered to go really out of their way to help me - eg. taking me down in their car, lending trailer, offering to pillion, offering to come down, offering storage down there, offering to check it out, help with info about how to buy it etc.

    As promised, heres some photos:




    For the rest:

    And also, a video walkaround (sorry, low quality)
  2. Damn it! I don't get to have an SV650 in my garage....errr...I mean, congratulations on your purchase. The SV, by all accounts, seems like a great bike and I'd love to jump on one sometime.

    I don't envy you for the next three months, I only had to put up with it for a month...at least the temptation wasn't there since it wasn't even in the same city!
  3. I did the same thing. Do what I do though. Leave it at your parent's house, so it's ready for the day you come off your restrictions.

    Congratulations on your purchase.
  4. Congrats Phiz, downside here is that it's alreadt at his parents house. :LOL:
  5. Haha damn. Oh well, I know what my pay check will be going towards for the next couple of weeks! :D And Haggis was that you I saw at about 2-3pm turning onto northborne, near the uni? :)
  6. I dare say it was, heading back from the Poser Ride :p.

    Did you hear the new pipe? :grin:
  7. I did actually, sounded horn! I was in the opposite intersection with dad behind on the sv.
  8. Congrats Jared, its a good feeling is it not? Did your dad enjoy the ride?
  9. Its a great feeling, but very weird because I've waited so long to get a new bike and its sitting in my garage- hasn't really dawned on me, I swear I almost clicked the bikesales link on my browser to go check out some SVs :rofl:

    Dad did enjoy it, I was 100x more stressed about him riding it than he was, knowing that he hasn't seriously ridden for 20 years or something. He did enjoy the instant vtwin power, up to a figure I'm storing for later blackmail :grin:

    Was fun on the way down, we were playing spot the undercover cop, and spot their target. We were right three times! And whoever was on that firestorm tailing the lancer on the way down to Canberra, you're damn lucky! :LOL:
  10. Congrats on the SV

    Three months, will just seem sooooo looooong :p
  11. Re: I did something really stupid today.

    Well done mate. A nice step up from the 2fiddy and welcome to the S camp :LOL: Looking forward to the pix.
  12. Congratulations. I'm jealous.
  13. congratulations... \:D/

    and good to hear that Hal at tj's is great to out of towners too... he looks after us canberra riders pretty damn well...

    ciao, kell
  14. Jared, Edgelett waited almost 12 months with her Hornet in the garage, so it can be done. The trick to not falling for the temptation of riding it is to make sure it's always in bits :rofl:.
  15. jared congrats mate! now are you going to baby this one like the ZZR or ride the way ive seen you on mccarrs on occasion!!??? :p :LOL: :LOL:
    mate, i did the same thing, it was three months to the day that i parked the firestorm in the garage till when i got my full licence. i cant say i did the right thing for the first month or so, but after that the thought of getting caught and having to wait another 3 months superceeded the desire to ride it, and yep the bike was in bits and the modding began! the one thing i'd add to you list is braided lines, its the best 240 bucks ive spent on the storm thus far and feel a million times better than the rubber stock hoses.
    mate i reckon your main problem will be keeping your dad off it by the sounds of it!
    when exams are over ill have to drop by and have a squiz!

  16. Re: I did something really stupid today.

    There are places you can ride it. :wink:
  17. lol - yep I was just about to post the same thing!

    Congrats on the bike mate, nice looking beasts.
    And yeah do what I did - keep at least ONE major part off the bike at ALL TIMES so you're not tempted to ride it.
    i.e no exhaust/no tank/etc

    you'll get so caught up in modding that you won't be thinking of riding it.

    I expect to see a mods thread soon!

    and things you haven't thought of are:
  18. Congrats dude! I never had much time for the SV's till I test rode one a few months back. I went back and bought it that same week :p

    The SV's are fantastic for a first big bike. I love my baby to bits :grin:
  19. well done jared, about bloody time you bought it :p i dont think it
    would've lasted to long before somebody grabed it.
  20. Re: I did something really stupid today.

    :WStupid: Track bike for 3 months