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I did it..................no butts........

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by AF2AF3, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. I did something today that I promised myself I would do, if I got up enough courage.

    I'm cruising into work, watching this white commodore up ahead, zigging
    and zagging his way through the traffic.
    At the next set of lights I'm right next to him. (tool)
    At the next set of lights, I'm behind him.

    Then I see it.

    The arm comes out the window, and he drops his cigarette butt on the road.

    I put my bike on it's stand.
    Walk over to the ciggy butt.
    Pick it up.
    Say to the driver, "I think you dropped something"
    And drop it in his lap.

    I get back on my bike. A car horn beeps behind me. I look at them.
    The driver and passenger have huge smiles on their faces and are
    giving me the thumbs up.
  2. I bet that shocked the crap out of him, was it still alight? did he have anything to say or was he to busy trying to grab the ciggy butt?
  3. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Well done sir!! You're living the dream... :cool:
  4. #4 Ktulu, Apr 24, 2007
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  5. Yes, it was still alight.
    Yes, he did look shocked.
    No, he didn't say a word.

    He may have been a bit busy.
  6. Woo Hoo, you rock. You're, like, the Butt Avenger :cool:

    Ktulu, I looked at that vid ~ don't fret :)
  7. Full points to you.!!! :cool:
  8. #8 carri27, Apr 24, 2007
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    :woot: :dance: You rock!
    just watched it then. that's brave - in france you're likely to get set alight for lesser offences....
  9. Aww thanks Fuzzy, knew I could count onya!

    Yeah carri, I don't know what they're saying, but you can tell the guy is psyched on adrenaline afterwards :grin:
    I think the original label I found that vid under was "New French Superhero" or something :p
  10. good to see u had the balls to do it as many would turn a blind eye to it
    well done
  11. that is kool......soooo kool, how pumped with adrenalin did YOU feel after THAT??!! :cool:
  12. :dance:

    top work Mark, you're my new hero
  13. I'm sick to death of smokers littering by throwing their butts away instead of putting it in a bin. Good on you.
  14. I'm sick to death of bushfires! Good on you. Might stop that moron next time! :) :biker:
  15. Good job AF2AF3, the poof driver must have learnt something after that. :applause:
  16. im a smoker and i couldnt bring myself to throw a but out the window or throw it anywhere apart from the bin. i carry my own little ashtray with me everywhere,it looks like a little tampon holder :-s but it does the job!
  17. It wasn't really the littering part that made me do it.
    It was the fact that he did it with a motorcycle behind him.
    Although he was stationary, he might not be next time.

    Hopefully he will think twice or check his mirrors.

    It apears will live in the same area, so the next encounter should be
  18. ...do you get to wear a cape now, as the butt avenger??? LOL

    Well done mate. :applause:
  19. I'm a smoker, but I never ever throw them out the window. :evil:

    We have been under thread from bushfires 3 times in the last 18 months and would never even consider putting it anywhere other than as ashtray or my smoke holder thingo.