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I did it..New bike and gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. So i went and did the big shop today...
    Reminded me of how much i hate the city and why!

    but anyway, I picked up my Intruder ,well my Oh picked it up i wasnt riding in that traffic lol... It was in really good condition so i was happy with the deal i got ( can post some pics tomorrow if anyone's interested? im sure one looks very much the same as the next? )

    I ended up buying clothing from everywhere...some draggin jeans & a pretty shift textile jacket from peter stevens, some leather pants from some other shop,Some gloves from a Yamaha shop, boots, Helmet and chrome visor from AMX and i have a leather jacket on order from the big place in phillip Island.

    Ill have to live on bread and water for next 8 years but my bike and gear look great :p

    Thanks to everyone who offered me advice re the clothing and bike ;)

  2. congrats sarah, you are part of the family now
  3. Wow congrats. That must have been a fun day! I got some new A*'s gloves today and i was pretty happy haha, so a full outfit's gotta bring a smile to your dial. Enjoy it all and ridesafe so it all stays pretty :p
  4. sounds like a perfect day to me. congrats on the new bike.
  5. Good work. any chance of pics...perhaps you can model them off for us? :p

    what price did you get the gear for?

    I recently got re-decked out with new gear. Alpinestar GP plus gloves, Shoei TZ-R helmet, Ixon jacket, RJay boots. cost me about $900 all up
  6. deleted by me, sorry
  7. aah good job.
  8. Should I be the first to say.... pics or lie? ahhhh.

    :p congrats also

  9. I remember the first day i got everything.... rode home from PS with my hyo with new tyres and a wet road... nearly shat in my new draggins on the way home...

    enjoy chicky... be careful startin out and enjoy every twist of the wrist...
  10. Thanks all, Ill take some pics lol but wont be until monday as im off camping this weekend.

    Gear... um jeans are hornee not draggin just checked, i looked at n tried on so much stuff i have a million brand names floating around in my brain....

    Hornee jeans i got on sale for 145
    Mo- race leather pants again on sale 150
    Shift jacket - 250 but the guy at PS was cool and took another 25 bucks off for me so i got it for 225
    tarmac 111 gloves- on sale - 60
    Rjays helmet - on sale for 200 guy there gave me a further 10 bucks off so 190 ( this isnt exactly the style i had in mind but im an extra small so i didnt have a lot of choice at most shops and i wanted to be able to start riding ASAP so i figured this would do until i find a more stylish one....its very pink and will ensure drivers see me so thats the main thing when im this new to bikes i guess.
    chrome visor i got for 40 from the same guy.
    Berik boots were on sale for 189

    now i just have to get out there and get some practice...
  11. When l got my first jacket and helmet l walked around the house with it on if l wasnt on the bike;) Thought l was the Stig.
    But its great to hear you got all the gear befor you hit the road.
  12. Hey SJ

    Congrats, today is a bit cooler up here than yesterday so hopefully you'll get some practice in today!
  13. Cant practice until monday Kreuzer... Not taking the bike on my dirt road until im comfortable on the tarmac so i have to wait until my OH is around to ride it up to the tarmac lol

    Wolfmother i was joking around with my girls pretending to mb a power ranger with my Pink Helmet on lol
  14. Hahah I did the exact same thing as I got my gears before my bike...

    SJ: Now the fun begins!!!
  15. Congratulations SJ!
    Please allow me to live vicariously through you as you experience the joy of your new gear and ride. Look forward to a pic or two of you perched upon your new pride & joy.

    Once again, congratulations.
  16. I may or may not be guilty of that as well. How else do you sate your appetite while waiting for your bike?
  17. A friend of mine bought a new Intruder as his first bike and its pretty bulletproof, its a nice little machine :)

  18. Thanks everyone ;)
    Ill take some pics tomorrow and post in the " my new ride" section
  19. Congratulations Sarah! It's very overwhelming choosing gear. We recently bought the whole gear for Mr and now it's my turn:D

    I totally fell in love with a Teknic Womens Leather Jacket and it also fitted perfectly but it's $500. Can you get custom made for $500 or is that a good price for a leather jacket?

    I was also recommended to RJays helmet, is that decent? That one was pinkish too so probably the same as yours but MCAS had it for $250.
  20. Try and get a Snell approved helmet if you can afford it. Shoei and the like.

    Otherwise, just get a brand new one that meets the ADS (Aust design standards)