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I did it !!! new 659

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mayhem81, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I just bought a new Ducati659 in black with the termi pipes upgrade , cant wait ill post pics when I get it woo hoo

  2. Congratulations!
    And I raise my espresso cup to the latest member of the exclusive Ducatisti club so many desire to join...

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  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1360697269.345668.

    Look forward to the pics and see you Xmas present above
  4. Congrats and look forward to the photos
  5. picked it up today i am in love its amazing ,paid for the termi's, ecu and air filter to be done at first service pics tomorrow night . big shout out to the Brisbane motor cycle crew they did a great job 24 hrs from purchase to delivery !!
  6. Congrats matie - can't wait to see some pictures! (y)
  7. congrats :) look forward to the photos
  8. Nice bike, looked very seriously at one of these before I bought the CB400, for me it was old bloke riding position that swayed me. Well done enjoy and practice your coffee joke retorts, Cazzo will give you some tips.
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  9. Gratz mate!!! As everyone else can't wait to see photos!!!
  10. Here are some Pics??? Where is my upload file icon ??? help
  11. Gunna sound awesome.............

    Once you get an Italian V-twin..............everything else is a sowing machine............

    ::end of line
  12. Congrats - you on the North side?
  13. If you cant upload you might not have a enough posts.. not sure how that works.. try signing up for imageshack or another photo sharing place and then use the insert/edit image option..
  14. For a second I thought you were saying you got a new Porsche. Think I'm slightly dyslexic. Hope you enjoy it.
  15. Yes I am northside Cashmere
  16. That guy in red is useless without a sign.
  17. Ha ha still can't upload any pics !!! And now no new
    Pics for a while, after 56k's the bike jammed up in
    3rd gear and is now in the workshop awaiting parts any where from 2-6 weeks !! Yay for the Italians , obviously The German buyout hasn't had an influence over quality control yet
  18. What a pisser, sorry to hear this.
  19. Yay for the bike!!! Boo for the lack of pics! :)