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I did a good thing today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. I helped some L plater who clutch cable snapped on homebush bay drive. I saw him fixing something so i pulled out of the traffic and went to see if the guy needed help. long story short told him to come to my place which would be 3kms away in traffic whilst this poor guy was trying to ride without a clutch. Thing is 1 out of the 20 riders slowed down and asked for help?? i gave him some tools to use though his clutch cable was pretti screwed and was held together by cable ties~

    Im still wondering if the poor guy got home ok.
  2. You qualify for "Netrider of the week."
  3. Dont be so sarcastic Rog

    I did a good thing today too

    The batteries in my rabbit aint so good anymore though
  4. It wasn't sarcastic.

    Is everything alright in the "Critics Section?"
  5. Alright has only one 'l' Rog
  6. I drove past.
    I nodded too.
  7. I'm surprised yours doesn't run on diesel Sarz!
  8. I chose to ignore it ,Loz. I suggest you do the same.

    Silly bugger chipped me on my spelling, dunno why. I think that the batteries went flat, just a bit too early. Should've finished the job by hand.
  9. Yep, as the old man says "Show your independence"
  10. Dishonourable Discharge.
  11. Sounds like a boys joke, I dont understand ?????

    Just tried to upload some real deisel joy ...probably a good thing it didn't let me. Acting on impulse is not fun on this forum. Yet again, probably a good thing
  12. It's very important to think things through Sarz. Otherwise a person can end up doing some very silly things.
  13. Surely you jest
  14. :rofl: Try the Dolphin then ;)
  15. Sarz, have another bottle, before you chip me on my spelling, you diesal dyke from hell.
  16. Che? Non parlo englese :-w
  17. I heard that you only speak Greek, Spanish and French. Greek being your first Language.
  18. [​IMG]

    Can we get this for this forum???


    And on the OP for doing the right thing
  19. Good on'ya mate, need more people like you in this world, that's for sure!
  20. Good work, Matti :grin:

    How far did he have to go to get home?