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I did a bad thing. 2011 ZX10-R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Snowman, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. This is the only pic I have of it so far, on the way home from picking it up.


    Feels good man :D
  2. oooooooh

    Pretty :)

    1st mod - fender eliminator. Although I'm not a great fan of the completely removed ones, just that one is huge
  3. Nice bike dude...great colour (y)
  4. V nice man !
  5. my mods list:
    - I already have an Akra can on it, just waiting for the link pipe to get rid of the "ball-bag" cat converter.
    - crash knobs
    - fender eliminator
    - remove footpegs and insert blanking plates
    - seat cowl
    - tinted screen
    - radiator and header pipe guard
    - race stand bobbins
    - shorty levers
    - black tinted rear indicators
    - remove reflectors and ninja sticker on the sides

    I think thats it :)
  6. Nooiice! They do feel good to ride, don't they?
  7. I took it for a test ride and it felt more nimble than my old ZX6-R, that pretty much sold me.
  8. Very nice, Black is the new black
  9. Congrats! Shes a sexy bike, wish you all the happiest moments on her ;)
  10. So, err. Whats the bad thing?
  11. The price
  12. Disregard currency, acquire sexy motorcycles.
  13. The only bad thing I can see is you didn't get the green one :p
  14. :)

    I saw a green 1 up old pac a month ago. looked fantastic on the move!
  15. Good stuff mate cant wait to see this beast on sat
    I was wondering what colour you got.
    Yeah get rid of that dam gigantic fender
  16. I had a run on one this morning. What a great bike. Its so far ahead of anything Kawa have put out since 05. Dead right about it being agile, it would run rings around my 636 through the bends and that was set up by race tech. It really feels so small and light.
    Now which bike do I sell to fit one in my garage.
  17. Only bad thing I can see is that your riding style in the pic is going to wear out the front tyre. You have a back wheel and lots of power for a reason.
  18. Just getting it through the break-in period before I unleash hell ;)
  19. I was so close to getting the green one, but I dont like that the tank is black or the sticker on the side. If it was just all green with a black underbelly pan like the older models I would be on a green machine.

    The other reason is I drive a ute which is a similar color lol
  20. I couldn't believe how easy it is to ride. The handling is just superb, and the TC really works, the ABS works, and you can go quite quickly, quite soon, with very few concerns. Honestly, it's almost immoral that anything this fast should be so easy and non threatening to ride.