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I declare Squid season officially open

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fubarcbr, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Well it is offciaially squid season now that the weather is getting hotter. It is a shame really that people will trade a little discomfort and sweat for the skin off their back.

    just today going between my house and the local shopping center i saw, a guy on a virago with his kid (no older than 4) wearing matching clothes which consisted of thongs, singlet, shorts and open face helmets.

    a guy on a gsxr1000 wearing denim shorts and a singlet, a guy on a cbr250 wearing a pair of leather pants but no shirt and the one that took the cake was a guy on a cbr1000 wearing no shoes a pair of shorts and a pair of gauntlet gloves i mean why bother.

    i really wish these people would just wise up and wear their gear, just cause it is hot (and it really isn't that hot yet) doesn't mean it is time to put the safety gear in the cupboard. just cause it is summer doesn't make the roads any safer.
  2. mate, you gotta get the number and report that stuff. that 4 year old doesnt deserve to have to go thru his teen years trying to pick up girls with an enormas scar across his FACE, arms and legs.

    that's so incredibly WRONG!

    where were you when you saw this abnormal display of assumed anti-ape behavior?
  3. You're preaching to the converted here.

    We've all seen it, and read about it, so instead of writing about it again....go up to the guys and tell them what you think :roll: Then come back and tell us what they told you :p
  4. Agreed that the kid as a pillion with no gear is dumb but I personally think that this squid stuff is getting really old... Get over it already!

    If your old enough to ride a bike your old enough to make your own decisions...
  5. i am absolutely sure they will be thankful for his concern :rofl:
  6. Toecutter wrote:


    joel wrote
    you know, that ^ would make a very cool thread!

    think of it this way, at least you're wearing protective gear when you confront them :LOL:
  7. i rode for about 1.5 hours today and i didnt even get hot and/or sweat in my leather jacket...
  8. I recommend the spaghetti marinara.

    Wait, thats baby octopus. Can you use squid?
  9. Yeah you can use squid!

    Seriously though, how many times do we have to go through this?
    Maybe we should play a little game? Next person to mention squids gets their account suspended for a day. Except if you are talking about spaghetti marinara :LOL:
  10. just because you think everyone should wear ATGATT doesn't mean everyone else needs to, get over your little problem, cause its just that your problem and your attitude, it won't change anything, it's a free country, where we are free to make our own decisions

    up until i join NR only time i was fully kitted was during winter and some of the colder days, and this coming summer i will have rides where i don't kit up, and i don't crae what your opinion on it is...

    noone here has the authority to make judgement on other peoples actions, so stfu and keep it to yourself
  11. I think helmets should be mandatory, and just leave it as that.

    Should be your own choice what you wear (except for kids).

    Some people just need to be introduced to mesh jackets, thats all :) I wear mine through winter as I can't be fked putting the liner in :LOL: :LOL:
  12. :LOL: jared it's already just that, except there are so many that get on their high horse and say mr/ms/mrs x are brain dead wankers with no idea, and no concideration for their own safety... well that a no brainer none of us ride because we think its a safe leisurely activity

    like i said those against it should leave their opinions to themselves, those that squid don't say hey look at that tool drowning in their own sweat

    i personally don't care if the protection decreases my chances of being ripped to shreds, or being killed(please note it only reduces the chances soesn't completely reduce the risk), its my choice whether to put it on or not, just as it's everyone elses
  13. Squids also are really easy to catch, they ALWAYS rise to a lure.
    *edit* No one believes protective clothing will stop you from dying, we just know it will greatly reduce recovery time, serious joint injuries and greatly reduce the chances of sustaining a permament, debilitating injury(and yes, a good gravel rash can do that).
    Some of us don't want to be on welfare for 50 years........
    Wear what you like.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. *sigh*

    as I said on the other post, it's your skin but it's out tax dollars that have to pay the hospitals to replace it because you're stupid.
  15. I believe that riders should have the choice to gear-up or not...

    ...but then the Medico's should have the choice as to whether or not they treat you after a fall. [​IMG]
  16. i agree with you there

    kinda saying they shouldnt treat a person if they look like a middle eastern with burn marks :wink:
  17. Um, no...
  18. my jokes sucks :oops: :cry: :cry:
  19. Geez, whining about your fellow riders not going ATGATT is like cagers whining about how motorcycles should be banned because they're dangerous.

    Recognize the irony and accept that there will always be people that want to live a little closer to the edge.
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